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Jessica Yaniv Simpson January 2022 WrapUp

January. New month. New Year. Same old Jessica Yaniv Simpson, EXCEPT after the last month’s social media purge, he has a new picture, updated bio and the link to his defunct business web page TrustedNerd dot com is gone. The massive change to his public persona has now been confirmed to have been caused, at least in part, after a complaint was made to the Law Society of BC. Thank you, Law Society for causing him to dump his shady “Legal Student” “title” and stop offering legal advice as a “public service.”

2022 started with Billboard Chris wishing everyone a Happy New Year and updating us about the criminal charges laid against Jonny for threatening to kill him and two other counts of public mischief. It was a year ago that Jonny was arrested but since then has managed to delay the trial until June 29, 2022. Based on his research, he seems to think if the trial is delayed long enough that the charges will be dropped as per the Supreme Court Decision “R vs Jordan”. What the Legal Student – oops can’t use that term anymore – what the legal studies student chooses to ignore is that the decision was based on the Crown delays, not the defendant’s. Another example of Jonny’s faulty legal research trying to make cases fit his various legal actions. Good thing he can no longer give legal advice.

Jonny started the year by posting (as usual) a plagiarized legal tweet. Since the big purge, his Twitter feed is primarily composed of virtue tweets, plagiarized material, and sucking up to various local law firms in a desperate attempt to get a practicum placement. What is so amusing about his Twitter feed now is that, despite having over 120,000 followers, there is so little interaction. Days can go by without even a like and then when there are some replies, they are usually hidden, and the authors blocked. He is particularly sensitive about having his racism and pedophilia exposed in his Twitter history.

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He also created a Twitter space and invited people to join him in his Legal Studies space. Looks like no one did. He also once again tweeted about the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas. Jonny when are you going to realize that you cannot cross the border with your criminal record, and that they are never going to comp you anything? You can’t even claim to be a businessman anymore. Your websites, TrustNerd and JYKnowsit are gone. Have your declared bankruptcy yet?

On January 14, he was once more tweeting to the Fontainebleau, making “helpful” suggestions, such as making the resort entirely nonsmoking. The fact that the Fontainebleau Miami is nonsmoking, one can assume that when, and if, the Las Vegas operation ever opens, it too will probably be nonsmoking. The decision will no doubt be based on the casino traffic not the suggestions of a pedo from Langley, Canada.

If Jonny was expecting one year anniversary parties to celebrate his castration on January 10, 2020, he was disappointed. Even Miriam did not try to organize a little celebration for him at the Olive Garden. Jonny, you do realize that to have a party of any kind, you need friends. We hear you and your yappy pet spent the day alone.

On January 12, Jonny began a string of legal losses and retreats when either challenged or having to be cross examined. Jonny hates Donald Francis Smith so much that he filed an affidavit in a case in another jurisdiction (Alberta) trying to get Smith’s sentence for contempt of court increased. The fact that Jonny had nothing to do with the case had no bearing. He was so full of his self-importance that he was constantly on social media about to his “good friend”, Mark Jackson, the attorney for Alberta Health Services. When it became apparent that he would have to be cross examined in court for the veracity of his claims after the judge expressed concerns and his good friend agreed, he withdrew his affidavit. He always turns tail and runs when there is push back or he must take responsibility. Here’s hoping that will change once various victims start asking for costs and damages. Remember that Donald Smith was invited by the court to do so after Jonny lost.

The next day, he lost a BC Civil Resolution Tribunal case against Best Buy for, are you ready, $91. It cost him that much just to have the case heard. But Jonny is all about the harassment. He is addicted to it.

Side note: Jonny’s go to legal forum for harassment these days is the CRT, even though he probably has to pay the filing fees rather than pleading poverty like he used to in the BC Provincial Court. Even though there is a $5,000 cap, filing at the CRT keeps the action relatively anonymous until the case is heard and resolved. No listing in the CSO, no documents filed, no court records to request, no public record of case withdrawals. Take that MeowMix! The problem, Jonny, is that your victims are more than happy to share with us. Do you have any idea how much you are hated in Langley?

JY Jan 4-14 Images

January 14, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority responded to Jonny’s vexatious and malicious lawsuit. They denied all of Jonny’s claims. Remember these are real lawyers who have experience in dealing with fabricated and fraudulent malpractice suits. Stock up on popcorn for this case.

Also on the 14th, Miriam Yaniv’s lawyer requested an adjournment for two weeks so that the details of her criminal case could be discussed. The judge agreed and the case was adjourned until February 11, the same day as her sister’s. Smart money is suggesting that because of their ages and mental impairments, they will just get a minimum community service sentence. Too bad the court can’t order them to stay away from the biggest danger to their wellbeing – Jonboy.

The legal fun and games continued virtually on the 21st with the Rebel Media lawsuit in the BC Supreme Court. A friend of MeowMix attended virtually and sent a detailed report complete with damning quotes from JY such as “I know the Court rules quite well” and then proceeded to show that he did not. What interesting piece of information that did come out was that Jonny will be attending Capilano University starting May 9. When Jonny had to agree to a set of dates to be cross examined over his affidavit as well as the trial (if he doesn’t withdraw first), he said how could not attend on May 9 as he was starting classes but would not tell the court where because of security issues. The court let it go but a Capilano U student recognized the date as the start of the spring session and contacted MeowMix. We hear that CapU students have started to share information about JY’s plans online. There was even a Reddit thread dedicated to it. They want to be safe when they are on campus. The complete story is available on MeowMix.

The next day, Jonny, Miriam, and Rexy the faux service dog were spotted at an upscale restaurant in White Rock. Jonny, it does not matter where you go, people recognize you, your mother, and your pet. MeowMix gets reports and tips all the time.

The Yaniv clan left without ordering after being seated with Rexy (he was decked out in his phony service dog vest) and then spent at least 30 minutes in the car arguing. No free meal that day over his ongoing service dog scam. Just as a note of interest, they have downloaded a service dog information sheet from the government website to use when challenged but still cannot produce the actual service dog certification from the province.

On January 27, Jonny filed his Certificate of Readiness for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority case. I don’t even know where to begin after reading the 14 pages of medical records. Despite signing the document that he has attached ALL medical reports and ALL records of expenses or losses, he did not. There are gaps. Big gaps. Missing are the reports from the Three Bridges Clinic for example. Read it on MeowMix and let us know what you think.

February looks to be just as litigious as January was for the Yaniv clan but with lots more opportunity for them to get into trouble publicly. More lawsuits, more racism, more threats more debt. Stay tuned.

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