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Jessica Yaniv Simpson January 2021 Wrap-Up

2021 is only a month old but Jonathan Yaniv (aka Jessica Yaniv Simpson) has “accomplished’ more in 31 days than most of us do in 365. Not only has he been gelded, but he was also arrested, been to court twice, launched two human rights complaints and a new lawsuit, added over 500 young girls under 17 to his TikTok follow list, tried to be an Air Canada “influencer”, was ghosted by BC Ferries, and cost the BC Health System more in 911 calls than most people do in a lifetime.

Editor Note: The Wrap Up is written each month by the same MeowMixer and each on is a damning summary of Yaniv’s existence. January has been a busy month in general for the MeowMix team and I have missed a few minor stories here and there. I’m going to interject summaries of these stories with an orange background at a few places in this wrap up, just to catch you up.

Jonny started 2021 by getting arrested at home on January 1 for the threats he made against Chris Elston in October. He was also charged with 2 counts of public mischief for making false reports. In response, he filed “2 large scale Canadian Human Rights Complaints” against Langley RCMP, bragging online “if you thought my previous BCHRT complaints were huge, wait until you see these two.” He also asks the media to DM for interviews, but no one did except MeowMix. Yaniv did not respond to us.

jessica yaniv simpson

First of all, Jonny, your BCHRT complaints (which you lost, and recently dropped your civil suit against the original aestheticians) became a global joke. Secondly, your suit did become huge for a couple of days because you, the great tech expert, uploaded all kinds of personal information with your complaint to Scribd.

In that upload there was also evidence that you were committing passport fraud by including the personal information of people you claimed were your guarantors, but when contacted by MeowMix, they denied it or even knowing that that they had been used. They were also horrified that their personal info had been posted online for months. All the evidence has been turned over to the Canadian government for further investigation.

The Scribd comment is a reference is to Yaniv’s hilarious screwup. He posted copies of his human rights complaints on Scribd, a popular document hosting cloud service. Where it get’s funny is that if you clicked his username you could see his other documents, including a complete passport application with a ton of very private info, such as his credit card number, driver’s license number, and so on. It’s as if the bumbling tech buffoon was using Scribd as a cloud storage service similar to Dropbox or OneDrive and he opened it up the world to see. A screenshot is below. The hilarious part is Yaniv unblocked me on Twitter and messaged me with threats of legal action for possession of these images.

January 3rd saw Jonny continuing his blatant anti Indo-Canadian racism by sending out a SnapChat of a TikTok of a Sikh couple asking if they would wax his pussy. In another post, he is suddenly wearing two wrist braces and for someone with a hip injury, was sure bouncing and twisting around a lot to keep time to the music. Must have been preparing for a settlement conference.

The wrist brace video is hilarious. Not only is he wearing right-handed wrist braces on both hands, he gave us a prime opportunity to make this.

Yaniv was in court (teleconferencing) on January 5 with Donald Smith and Kari Simpson for a settlement conference which was unnecessary because of the February 19 full hearing in front of Judge Hamilton. The hearing was adjourned very quickly because of technical difficulties but we were told there was one thing of note, which does not bode well for Yaniv: when he started whining, the judge ignored him.

For those keeping score of Yaniv’s underage TikTok follows, on January 5 he had added 200 since December 31. There has been some speculation that he is trying to get ahead of TikTok Canada following TikTok UK which made all accounts of children 16 and under private. Jonny is probably hoping that it if you are already following an account, you will be allowed to continue. But Jonny, we have to ask – why is a 33-year-old man following an 12-year-old girl

The following day to the amusement of Twitter, Yaniv put himself forward to Air Canada as a social media influencer citing his huge presence on Twitter and Instagram. What he neglects to add (but which many others did, directly notifying Air Canada) is that 98% of his huge following is bought. In addition, to everyone’s amusement, a couple of historians dug out his previous complaints and threats to Air Canada. Someone doesn’t like children in real life who they can’t sexually fantasize about. After losing his temper with a number of replies, swearing at them (something an influencer for Air Canada would never do) then trying to hide them, he finally deleted the tweet.

The following day, January 7, Yaniv was again in court for the Chris Elston charges. Court was brief, with the case being adjourned to February 17 so that his new defense lawyer, J. Singh can be brought up to speed. We are all fascinated that Yaniv now has a Sikh lawyer despite his very public antipathy to Indo-Canadians in general. One thing of note however, is that this time an arrest warrant was issued instead of a summons as was issued for his previous charges. Maybe the BC justice system is starting to get serious about dealing with Yaniv.

Starting on January 9, reports began surfacing that Yaniv was on his way to Montreal for his long-anticipated gender reassignment surgery and given his cryptic “I will be away from Twitter” message at the same time, people began to wonder if it was actually happening. (BTW, his absence from twitter was less than 2 days). He was confirmed to be staying at the Holiday Inn Laval Montreal, the hotel where GRS Montreal billets its patients.

For many, until they see an actual, verified picture of Jonathan Yaniv’s manvagina, doubts to the veracity of the story will remain. For example, we all know how he is always online bragging or posting pictures. Why so quiet this time? Did he have to sign a non-disclosure waiver? Everyone has questions about how a doctor (even one at a private clinic) could perform surgery on someone who was so manifestly unfit for surgery and in all likelihood unable to properly care for themselves after surgery.

We understand the skeptics – it’s insane to think that Yaniv actually went through with this. We called bullshit on it happening until we received solid evidence. Unfortunately, the evidence is the kind of stuff that could land a few people in legal hot water and we’re not putting our friends at risk. I’ll risk my credibility before I’ll risk our sources safety.

Did he think he could sell his story? There are many GRS stories on YouTube and other platforms by much more media savvy transwomen and transmen than Yaniv will ever be. Is he preparing for another lawsuit – one that he thinks this time will provide him with a huge payout?

The discussion goes on but there is one interesting little tidbit when he was on his way home, using SnapChat he sent out an urgent plea while changing planes at the Toronto Airport asking if anyone could bring him pads. Umm Dumb Ass, there are free pads and tampons in the women’s restrooms at the airport. Or, if they are out and no longer supplying them because of COVID-19, surely you could spring for a small package at one of the many tuck shops in security. It is hard to believe that GRS did not send you home with enough supplies like they have done with the rest of their patients. Pathetic attempt for attention and fantasy fulfillment.

During the week of January 11, while he was supposedly recovering from his surgery and starting to do the post op care for his manvag that he will require for the rest of his life, Jonny started following so many young girls on TikTok, that MeowMix began a TikTok Stalker Alert feature and began notifying parents of young teens that an online predator was following their child (when possible). So far, every single parent has been thankful and several of them are asking questions that we cannot answer – the most frequent one asks why Yaniv has not be arrested. Others have also talked about visiting BC once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Yaniv also began to virtue tweet about a Langley trans girl who was attacked at school trying to insert himself into the story. Fortunately, other members of the local trans community stepped up to offer the girl and her family support.

One of the funniest episodes that week was when BC Ferries in effect ghosted Yaniv. They hid Yaniv’s response to one of their tweets but left the responses to Yaniv up and very visible. It seems as if BC Ferries was willing to let these truthful replies remain so that it could be seen by any passengers who might be checking SM before they traveled on the 15th. Many BC Ferries passengers will start accompanying their young daughters to the washroom from now on, in case Jessica Yaniv Simpson is lurking there with her body camera or under stall mirrors.

On January 17, a MeowMix reader and supporter looking to hire a contractor saw that Upwork, an online “marketplace connecting millions of businesses with independent talent” had a listing for one Jess S. Many complained to Upwork about the blatant lies and misrepresentations on Yaniv’s page and were contacted by Upwork to provide more examples and proof but so far all that has happened is that Upwork has made Yaniv replace his heavily photoshopped picture with a truer to life portrait. He is still on their website available for work, exposing other users of Upwork’s site to vexatious lawsuits, collateral brand damage etc. In fact, for a while their algorithms promoted him, much to outrage of Twitter.

On January 17, while Upwork blew up Yaniv tweeted a threat about rolling out defamation lawsuits and other lawsuits, but disabled replies. For a tech and marketing expert, he just didn’t seem to get it. All that disabling the reply function does is cause people to take the extra step of including a screenshot which means it is seen by even more people who want to reply, who retweet even more screenshots, and, well you get the idea. It does not stop the mocking, derisive responses. It is not in any way shape or form a way to repair and restore one’s reputation.

On the 18th, we learned just who Yaniv was suing and for how much. If you guessed $35,000 (Yaniv’s favourite number and the maximum allowed in small claims court) you win. Rather than suing for the big bucks at the BC Supreme Court where he would need a lawyer and defendants are less likely to pay go away money, Yaniv is suing both the Fraser Health Authority and the Pacific Health Services Authority.

Yaniv has had a long-standing hate for Fraser Health. For years, he has made and posted derogatory comments about their visible minority employees verbal and medical skills. Whenever he was called on his rude and threatening treatment of the staff as well as his hypochondria, he would start flinging accusations of transphobia around, threatening hate crime charges.

Despite Yaniv doxing himself on numerous occasions as well as releasing his own medical records in another frivolous lawsuit where he actually did get $2000 to go away, he is now claiming that one employee in each of two health authorities inappropriately accessed their medical records.

According to the Langley Advance Times, Yaniv provided a letter purporting to be from the Fraser Health Authority and the PHSA which said that Yaniv’s health records were inappropriately accessed and that disciplinary action had been taken with respect to the employees. The newspaper is trying to verify the authenticity of the letter as Yaniv has a history of creating evidence and lying to the RCMP, such as he did in the Donald Smith case. Yaniv’s actions in that instance are now under judicial review.

Yaniv’s plagiarized legal filing makes amusing reading. What is particularly hilarious is that the bulk of Yaniv’s filing was stolen from a UVic legal journal article written by one of the lawyers in the firm that represented the physiotherapists in the bed breaking case. The case where Yaniv got a small go away settlement. You almost want to say something about Karma here…

The article also has Yaniv’s latest financial statements – the ones he used to get the latest filing fees waived. Those alone are worth clicking on the link to look at, especially since he started tweeting about and posting pictures of his online underwear subscription (January 22) which arrived this week. Is he really only spending $100 a month on clothes when he has that kind of subscription? From the looks of the structural integrity of the undies, there is no way they would last even an hour on Yaniv’s bloated, leaking body. So, is $100 a month really enough to keep him in clean underwear not to mention the XXXL replacement of his wardrobe.

Strangely, the costs of all the followers he has purchased for his various social media accounts in his quest to become an influencer were not listed. Surely that would be a business expense, maybe even a tax deduction, assuming Yaniv pays taxes.

Based on his online posts, January 24 did not appear to be a good day for Yaniv. He started to fight back against all the “trolls” who were complaining to Upwork about his account and their ads promoting him. As usual his attempt at sarcasm (holding a $100 USD per seat zoom marketing session) was just sad especially when compared to his regular $32/hr. regular rate based on his bloated, plagiarized online history and failure to hold any kind of job.

But something really interesting must have happened between Jonny and the Langley RCMP report desk staff. So interesting, in fact, that he took to Twitter to complain about them and basically (to the disgust of Twitter) fall back on his usual insults of them being intellectually challenged as well as asking Tampax and Midol to sponsor the department because they must be all PMSing. They may have been bitchy in your opinion, Jonboy, but probably denied yet another spurious 911 call. What are you going to do now Jonboy? Sue them Ooops already been there, done that.

Another possible explanation was supplied by one of our legal friends. Emergency services may have added a special designation to his file that requires the RCMP to present whenever he calls 911 for an ambulance or EMT help. This is usually done, not only when the caller has had criminal charges which involve weapons or violence laid (and has a history of being both verbally and physically abusive and threatening Hello Jonathan.

So, if Yaniv has been calling 911 numerous times on a daily basis, and they have not immediately come to winch him out of the bathtub until the RCMP comes, poor baby has had to sit in cold water and wait. The fact, that there might be real Langley emergency – heart attacks, car accidents, etc. that they have to respond to is not as important to Jonny as he and his new manvag was getting cold.

January ended with (unsurprisingly) an emergency visit to the local hospital. As expected, because Jonny refused to follow the GRS post op care instructions (no bubble baths, etc.) his surgical site no doubt became infected. The question is how bad and whether or not he injured himself by swapping out his favourite phallic dildo for his medical dilators. After all, in Jonny’s limited intellectual capacity what is the difference between a dilator, a dildo, and a tampon.

Yaniv used the opportunity to not only tweet effusive “thank you” messages to the health professionals but to announce that he now had a gynecologist. In fact, the best he has ever had. Take that all you transphobes.

Remember in December 2019 when he was complaining about being turned away from a gynecologist referral and having his feelings hurt so much that was thinking about yet another BCHRT complainant. That series of tweets was deleted after he became such a global punch line for real transphobia and so damaged the trans community that many started to publicly disavow Yaniv as well as not welcoming him at any LBGT+ events.

Not only did he thank Fraser Health but also took the opportunity to remind them about his existing lawsuit. In his mind, this is why he got such good service not that he was being treated by professionals.

Yaniv’s questionable daily use of Fraser Health’s resources raised some interesting questions about how much this was costing the taxpayer. Yaniv has been what it referred to as a frequent flyer by the staff. His abuse of Fraser Health goes back a decade and has been documented by Yaniv himself on Facebook, most of which has been archived by either MeowMix or KiwiFarms.

The number for January alone (not including BC Health picking up the tab for his GRS surgery in Montreal) might surprise you. We are still in the process of trying to determine the actual real costs of a 911 call out and trips to the Emergency Dept. (which include staffing costs, etc.) but just using the publicly available numbers and some basic math, we do have some early numbers for your information.

We are assuming that as a resident of BC, Yaniv has provincial health insurance, and that by pleading poverty he is not responsible for the copayment or anything that he might require that is not covered by the insurance.

So, for each 911 call out, all we see are either a $50 charge if you don’t require transport to a medical facility or $80 (plus whatever medical supervision is required) if it is. It’s happened at least twice a day since Jonny supposedly got back from Montreal (January 18 till his hospital visit on the 29th). 12 days X 2 times a day x $50 equals at least $1200, which in no way reflects the actual cost, not to mention the cost of delayed health care to Langley residents who have a legitimate emergency. Got to wonder if anyone died while the Langley Emergency Services were pulling a fat man out of a bathtub AGAIN.

Visits to the ER start at $750 and just gets more expensive from there, especially if specialists like a gynecologist and specialized treatment is required. An overnight stay starts at $3,530 And don’t forget the 12% BC Tax. The average cost of an ER visit in BC is around $2000.

To recap, just the published costs put Yaniv’s 12-day abuse of the health system at just under $4000. Not much until you add in the real costs. For example, there were probably at least 8 officers from the different services for each of his calls from the bath tub – 2 RCMP officers, 2 EMTs, and 4 (may be more depending on the vehicle) firefighters. Even without knowing the salary range, the actual cost is in the tens of thousands.

Yaniv closed out January by entering, what else another free pizza contest from Boston Pizza. Remember his Mother’s Day entry last year? The ode to supermom, Miriam? Maybe he will do better this year, although we suspect Boston Pizza is really, really tired of Yaniv entering their contests and tweeting about it. As a marketing expert, Yaniv must know that even his presence in their feed negatively impacts their brand. Maybe he could use that as a threat in the future. “Feed me or I’ll retweet your content”.

Til next timem, folks. Thank goodness February is a short month.