jessica yaniv simpson threat on liveme

Jessica Yaniv Simpson: “I’ll Blow Their Heads Off”.

Continuing his epic spiral downhill, Jessica Yaniv Simpson came unraveled on LiveMe again last night (Nov 22, 2020). A 19 year old woman named Maddy had previously chatted with Yaniv but she since learned who he really is – a child predator and a groomer, in her own words. Most importantly – not a woman.

Yaniv caught wind of this going on and logged on to LiveMe and jumped into her chat feed, immediately attacking her and others in the room. Yaniv attacked Maddy, calling her and others transphobic, threatened to kill multiple people, and claimed to have multiple weapons. He went on to blame everything on Donald Smith, again calling him an autistic fucking retard.

Maddy, obviously amused by Yaniv’s attempt to scare her, laughed at him and brushed him off, before blocking him and saying she would contact the police. Of course, MeowMix’s DiveBomberInc was happy to contact Maddy and provide more specific info so she could reach the right officer at the right police station with the right file numbers. We’re a public service that way.

Video Highlights

  • 0:00: Jessica(LGBQT) (that’s his username…) logs in and immediately attacks with “so what’s your deal?”, followed a few moments later with “I’ll destroy you”. Maddy replied with a smirk and an epic comeback: “Destroy me how, bitch?”
  • 1:02: Yaniv, talking to a user named Jess Rumpel: “I’ll sue the crap out of you Jess. Watch me. You’re done.”
  • 1:58: Yaniv: “I have multiple weapons here.”
  • 2:12: Maddy: Actually laughing at Jonny.
  • 2:25: Jonny calls her a transphobic piece of garbage. Just a few days ago Yaniv was desperate for her attention.
  • When Maddy say’s that she searched his name and it says he grooms kids, he replies, “Which isn’t true”. Oh yes it is Jon…and you know it.
  • 3:30: Yaniv, in some incoherent ramble, says, “and his autistic ratard Donald Francis Smith”. That’s how he spelled it folks…He then posted Donald’s address, which I haven’t bothered to redact because it’s all over a dozen MeowMix legal documents and other places, and says, “Somethings bad gonna happen.” Again, grammar is his, not mine.
  • 3:59: Jonny: “@JessRumpel how about you shut your legs.” How very feminist of him to say that.
  • 5:16: Jonny: “DONALD SMITH is responsible for a majority of this. A large majority. He’s an autistic (poop emoji).”
  • 5:47: Jonny tells Maddy she should block other users. Doesn’t recommend or ask her. He orders her, saying, “They’re the trolls not me.”
  • 6:40: Jonny says, “I got a bunch of messages. That Denton should lock their doors tonight. They’re done. So is Jess Humpel”
  • 7:10: Jonny, “Oh look they’re all quiet no those poshits. @jessrumpel eat (poop emoji”.
  • 7:38: Jonny, “I’ll blow their heads off. Mess with me Denton I”ll end you. and (poop emoji) on your grave”.
  • 8:19: Jonny, “@JessRumpel DiE”
  • 8:37: Jonny, “@ThatDentonDick ILL END YOUR LIFE”

The full video is below for your enjoyment. Huge props to Maddy for putting Yaniv in his place.

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