jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson HRT Complaint Against Surrey Judge

L. Oh. Fucking. L. This one will be good. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is claiming on Facebook to have filed a human rights complaint against a Surrey Judge. This will go over well for JY.

Judge Hamilton has made himself very present in JY’s abuse of the legal system in recent years. Perhaps his most noteworthy step was making JY pay expenses to Donald Smith – something he still has not done. JY is big mad over this, I’m sure.

jessica yaniv simpson

Hamilton has also been involved in his other lawsuits (i.e. against the Township of Langley) and even criminal matters with JY’s con artist mother, Miriam Yaniv. JY is big mad about this as well, it seems.

So mad that JY posted this picture to Facebook, implying that he’s filed an HRT complaint against the Judge and that the Judge is “done”.

jessica yaniv simpson

Seriously, this is a new level of stupid for Jon. Not only does the HRT have no jurisdiction over the Court, Judge Hamilton – or any other Judge – is free to run his or her Court any way they see fit.

There’s also the matter of the veiled threat against a Judge. “You’re done”? It likely isn’t specific enough to be deemed a true threat (plus, Jon is a potato that scares nobody and never wins), but this is a senior Judge who has power over JY and his family in various legal cases. Even if JY was to somehow have Hamilton barred from ever seeing his cases again (which he won’t), all the other Judges are watching. JY just made himself public enemy #1 in judges chambers across BC.

Jon the Con’s faux service dog is another issue. First, it’s great to see more people standing up to him. We know restaurants have asked him to leave. We know he’s been banned from Miriam’s condo and the legal complaint against them over his dog coming in was squashed. And now we know the Court itself doesn’t recognize JY’s dog for what he says it is.

Now we need the court to start recognizing JY for what he really is – a faux woman.

Quick note…this document is available on any websites yet. For all we know JY didn’t even file it and he’s just running his chins, but historically speaking JY likes to brag this way so I’m inclined to say he did. He’s also REALLY stupid, so it’s believable. Like, ULTRA stupid.

Update 1.

A reader posted this comment:

It’s not filed. How the HRT works is you can fill out one of these online and a Case Number is assigned. (Note it doesn’t show the top portion of page 1 where that number is located). Then the case is reviewed by the HRT who decide if it is warranted for them to take it up. At this time claims submitted in February are being looked at for acceptance in Sept/Oct. The person who the claim is being filed is against is not supposed to even know about it until it is accepted. They get VERY CRANKY when the plaintiff submits these to the defendants BEFORE it is even accepted. I figure if the Judge was to phone the HRT on this claim, this would most likely result in JY getting barred from ever filing another one through them. More blowing hot air.

This is good info to have. In the past, when JY posted screenshots, it was because he was serious and it was filed. This could be posturing by JY, or attention seeking. Unless JY posts the full document, we’ll never know. The HRT keeps all complaints private until decisions are made, and this will never make it that far. What do you guys think? Is Chinzilla blowing hot air, or is he arrogant enough to file it?

I’m personally on the fence still, but this commenter does make me lean a little more one way.