jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Hearing to Change Release Conditions

jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson had a scheduled hearing today, May 2, 2022, in relation to the release conditions he was given after his arrest for pulling a fire alarm and filing false police reports a few months ago. Even before charges had been officially filed by Crown on March 22, 2022, Yaniv had already filed this application (Mar 2, 2022). Today’s hearing is in relation to Yaniv’s application to vary those conditions, not the criminal charges themselves.

jessica yanvi simpson

As a reminder, Yaniv’s release conditions were:

  • Not communicate with the victims (the man he assaulted and the person who assisted that man)
  • Not go within 100 meters of Miriam’s strata.
  • Not possess firearms, other restricted weapons.

Yaniv’s hearing today was to modify these conditions to a set of new conditions that give him some flexibility of travel. The previous restriction to not go within 100 meters of Miriam’s strata meant he technically couldn’t drive the street between their condos, or attend businesses on the ground floor of her property, which includes several medical-related facilities (dental, physio, etc).

Today’s application was granted. The weapons prohibition and communication restriction are unchanged, but the travel restriction is modified slightly. As of today, Yaniv may not travel within 10 (not 100) meters of Miriam’s condo building, unless in a motor vehicle, or to attend dental, chiropractic, massage, medical, foot or ankle, physiotherapy, or notary appointments at specifically named businesses, all located in that same property. Importantly, Yaniv must have pre-approval for all appointments from his bail supervisor.

Those businesses include Ethos Dental Studio, Langley Family Chiropractic, Wild Sage Massage Therapy, Medpro Respiratory Care, Aurora Foot and Ankle Clinic, Grant Sauer Notary Public, or Bump Physio & Co.

Those businesses are all located within the 100 meter radius shown below, which Yaniv was prohibited from entering. You can see the main road also goes within 100 meters. From a legal and practical standpoint, this change to Yaniv’s conditions should probably have been expected, but it doesn’t do much good for JY. He’s still banned from visiting Miriam’s property. The yellow X is where JY lives.

It would be a shame if local businesses received warning posters about Yaniv. I’m hoping our readers will politely and kindly help spread the word that Yaniv is a dangerous predator. Here’s some handy dandy posters in case you want to spread the word!

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Download 342.3 KB

Yaniv is awaiting an official first appearance related to the charges on May 23, 2022.