Broke Beach Bum Jessica Yaniv Simpson @ Harrison Lagoon Taking Pictures

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a Langley, BC trans person that has been accused for years of being a pedophile, decided to post these pictures to their Instagram a few days ago.

This is the lagoon at Harrison Hot Springs, a 93 km drive from Yaniv’s residence. This all may seem like a nothingburger to most people but here’s why it was worth documenting:

  • Yaniv claims to be broke, virtually impoverished, but still has gas for a 200 km round trip to the beach. I’m sure there was food and drinks involved too. Even in a Nissan Kicks, that’s a substantial chunk of fuel. If Miriam drove, a Malibu burns more.
  • I blurred it out, but the first picture below shows a young girl (under 5) with her family. Further down the beach is another woman catching sun, and more girls even further down. Picture 2 may be Miriam, but I blurred the face just in case.
Innocent Beach Pics or Something Sinister?

Yaniv might have been taking scenic beach pics and those almost always include pictures of other people. And, to be fair, if you’re at the beach, there’s a reasonable expectation that you may be photographed by a tourist, especially at this popular tourist area. This could be nothing at all.

But, one would think that a person accused of being a pedophile would do everything in their power to avoid a situation that could be misconstrued. And, if these are the pictures Yaniv deemed appropriate to share, are there more in his private collection that he didn’t share? Even worse, was Yaniv wearing his bodycam?

Too Broke for Court?

To the other point….Yaniv is too broke for $100 court fees but still has pocket money to have beach days? How many families out there would struggle to come up with a spare $100 for gas and snacks for a beach day an hour away right now? There just happens to be a cafe, ice cream shop, and chocolate shop literally across the street from where he stood taking these pictures?

Appearances matter, JY. You have a reputation of being a pedophile and you’ve repeatedly claimed to be impoverished, yet here you are…

This is all just speculating and it could be nothing at all, but it looks bad.

This is a pretty tame post after yesterdays excitement, but I guess if accused pedophiles can have beach days, MeowMix writers can have lighter days.

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