The Scariest Monster

This Halloween, the scariest monsters aren’t zombies, vampires, or werewolves; it’s predators like pictured below that target young girls; they target these girls for their own self-gratifying twisted fetish or to make them uncomfortable for their own amusement.

jessica yaniv simpson catfish picture
Highly edited photo that Jessica Yaniv Simpson uses to catfish women.

I urge you girls in all seriousness in Langley, to enjoy Halloween, but be safe. There is a monster that lurks in your neighborhood, an unhinged monster that convinced themselves that they deserve to be in your space, and by space, I don’t mean your bathroom or locker room; I mean your privacy in general. They believe that you don’t deserve dignity or respect. They believe they are entitled to women serving them. They will seek your “companionship,” but in reality, they will use you. And if you come to an adult with a report of their inappropriate behavior, they will deny, they will victim blame, and the scariest situation, if you say no, we don’t know if you’ll be okay.

The person pictured above has too many victims, from young teenage girls to women trying to live a simple, quiet life, and after they denied to touch him, a reasonable and fair argument, this monster explodes and proceeds to try to use their victimhood status to ruin women’s lives.

This monster is no activist, no friend, no lover, and definitely no friend to women. 

My advice to you ladies:

  • Avoid this monster at all costs. They claim to be a fun, bubbly fun person, but at the same time, they have proudly claimed to own a gun and threaten various people.
  • Avoid being in a bathroom or locker room with this person. Their whole goal is to “bond” with girls in vulnerable locations. Also, this person seems to wear a body cam at all times, and it’s not wrong to think there’s a chance this person will record inside as well.
  • If you find yourself trapped in the same location, please record everything; as mentioned above, this person loves to ruin women in particular that deny what this person believes they are entitled to.
  • If this person is creeping around your party or event, be sure to buddy up.
  • If this person is seen around young teenage girls, help the girl escape the situation.

Have a safe, SAFE Halloween.

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