Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Exposed Script Thief

Editor Note: I’m not a tech expert, and I know my limits. Fortunately, a friend of MeowMix is a subject matter expert and provided the information for this article. Unlike JY, he knows what’s talking about.

If you ask Jessica Yaniv Simpson, they are a highly skilled digital marketer and they know how to hack. They claim they’ve hacked school databases to change their grades, hacked Instagram, and even Microsoft. The reality is JY has the tech skills of a slightly nerdy gerbil. Nothing more.

I’ve covered this before more than once but the recent Sara leaks have proven yet again how desperate Yaniv is to be seen as powerful despite being a complete and utter powerless failure.

Freelance Hacking

There is an online market for freelance hackers. Companies often hire these people to identify vulnerabilities in their systems. Hackers write their own code and try to break into companies websites or databases, and then share the results with the company. This is often referred to as bounty hunting.

Yaniv told Sara that he was part of one of these programs.

jessica yaniv simpson

Take special note of the second picture. Yaniv sent Sara a bunch of seemingly techy code. He claimed Instagram paid him “big money” to hack their system.

There are numerous problems with this.

First, the code Yaniv quotes is (brace yourself!) stolen. It isn’t his own code. He didn’t write it. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Instagram!

How do I know? Because hackers that participate in bounty programs sign their code so they can get paid. The code JY copypasted to Sara to make himself look powerful is shown below.

The first script that Yaniv shared was written by Selim Enes Karaduman, or @enesdex on Twitter. Karaduman is pretty well known in the freelance security testing / hacking industry. Yaniv posted it as his own. It tests the vulnerability of a marriage registration website. JY commented that he can “get people married with people they don’t want” but he’s hoping nobody picks up on the fact that the marriage site isn’t even real. It’s a theoretical test site.

The second script was originally written by Gus Ralph and posted on GitHub to share with others. It was used to test the security of online exams. This, too, was based on a theoretical test site – not a live online exam website.

The next problem with all of this is that bug bounties are posted online and there are announcements on tech publishing websites. The person that discovered the bug or exploit often publishes a formal paper explaining it. The hackers signature and follow-up paper serves as a form of advertisement for them to get future work.

There are no recorded instances of Jessica Yaniv or Jonathan Yaniv being awarded any money from bug exploits, nor completing any papers on the topic. If he had indeed been paid by Instagram it would be posted. There would also be code signed by him. Instead, this idiot copy pasted someone else’s code and forgot to even take their name off it before claiming it as his own.

The long and the short of it that Jessica Yaniv Simpson has the apparent IT skills of someone who knows how to Google something, but he doesn’t understand the deeper ways that IT systems work. His college diploma was apparently not worth the paper it was printed on.

He talks about how powerful he is and how he can hack people and ruin their lives. He uses this as a bragging point and an intimidation tactic. It’s “Look at these cool things I can do” followed by “Be careful, or I’ll do it to you”.

In reality, these threats are as empty as the space between JY’s ears. The closest JY can come to being a hacker is hitting the “Forgot Password” button on your social accounts and hoping you’ll email it to him. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a hack, not a hacker.

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