Jessica Yaniv Simpson Goes Twitter Blue!

L. Oh. L. You guys had to see this coming right? The very day that Twitter announced Twitter Blue was available for iOS, Jessica Yaniv Simpson tried to claim they were verified.

Not a Twitter Blue subscriber. Actually verified. They claim they woke up and it just happened.

Except Twitter exposes who paid and who didn’t to everyone else. Was Elon Musk trolling when he made this feature because it’s hilarious!

And to make it even better, there’s a widespread bug right now that shows Twitter Blue subscribers that they’re “notable” verified if they check themselves, but everyone else can see that they subscribed to Twitter Blue if they click the little blue checkmark.

So Yaniv is legit sitting over there in the pigloo, claiming to be notable and important and verified, and his own phone has a bug that shows him the same, which he screen recorded to “show the haters”, but “the haters” can see the truth: one click on his blue checkmark and you can see it’s paid for. I laughed, and I laughed. Such an epic fail by Jonny.

He thinks it’s helping him, I think. That he’s getting more engagement. Truthfully he may be! But that helps us! Every time someone engages with him it’s an opportunity for truth to spread. Higher profile engagement will lead to higher spread rate of the truth. Did Yaniv really think this would be good for him?

As shown below, there’s a bug, and some people are seeing the blue check and a real one. Jonny thinks the world is going to believe him, and as you can see above, he’s trying to suck up to others. Can you say thirsty?

This person knows full well theyve subscribed to Twitter Blue and they admit as much, and they’re exposing the bug. The same bug that Jonny is trying to take advantage of to look famous. Lol. So, so thirsty.