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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Promised to Fight This Traffic Ticket “All the Way”. Results?

Basically this:

Jessica Yaniv Simpson appeared in court October 12, 2022 to fight his ticket for using an electronic device while driving. This charge was filed March 10, 2022, after an incident MeowMix reported on here, from November 2021.

In that video, Yaniv claimed that the Langley RCMP were “abusive and retaliatory towards (him) for responding to a CHRC complaint against them the other day regarding constant discrimination. This is yet another harassment tactic today that I will take to court and go all the way.” He’s as skilled at proofreading as he is at showering.

To be clear, Yaniv may have filed a Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint but it went nowhere.

Moving on…

Yaniv’s video shows no actual RCMP interaction except flashing lights behind him. It doesn’t show abuse. It doesn’t show retaliation.

From my perspective (keep in mind I’m not a law prof at SFU like Jon claims to be), the fact that it took RCMP four months to file charges in a very minor traffic offense tells you that they went all the way up the chain, reviewed the evidence, and determined it was solid.

To reward JY’s lack of respect for other driver’s on the road and selfishness, an Abbotsford judge found Jon guilty and fined him the full $368, which becomes payable immediately. In BC, this will also come with another penalty later for points, which some have said will be as high as $252, due on his birthday next year.

We don’t know what other offenses could already be on JY’s license. CSO only displays traffic offenses if the accused pleads not guilty, which was the case here – JY said he wasn’t guilty, turns out he was (seems to be a pattern eh?). There may be other offenses in the past.

This is entirely speculative, but BC’s government insurance bureau ICBC charges a Driver Risk Premium for drivers with two or more convictions for using an electronic device while driving in a three-year period. Could this have been Jon’s second, and that’s why he fought it? No way to know for sure, but it seems plausible, given his reckless driving history. Anyways…

Nothing makes me happier than see this creep get mad, talk tough on the internet, and then eat shit for it. Not bad for “taking it all the way” Jon. All the way down, loser.