Jessica Yaniv Simpson Denied Fee Waiver: Details

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has made a living (albeit not a good one) by suing people. Most recently, Yaniv was given $2,500 in fuck-off-money by the physiotherapists that he sued after he broke their bed. Go figure…

It was also stated by the tribunal member at the BC HRT during the waxing cases that Yaniv appeared to be behaving inappropriately because he would demand the defendants attend a settlement conference and complain when they didn’t. However, as soon as defendants lawyered up, Yaniv dropped his complaint.

As of today, Yaniv has nearly a dozen ACTIVE lawsuits and multiple human rights complaints (in multiple provinces). One would think that the fees would be adding up, but Yaniv continuously applies for fee waivers.

Despite his claim in the Choo lawsuits that he makes $200/day, Yaniv files affidavits saying his monthly income is a mere $500. Court clerks are quick to approve his fee waiver requests. It’s also important to note that this isn’t just a Yaniv thing. Courts have been challenged on fees before and they’re generally pretty lenient with fee waivers.

That’s why this result is so exciting! Yaniv has filed a lawsuit against Rebel News and applied for a fee waiver. According to notes I received, Yaniv bumbled through the hearing, stating that Rebel News published defamatory material to their 1.4 million YouTube followers and THAT is what caused Yaniv to have trouble finding work.

Yes Jon, THAT’s the problem. I can’t possibly think of any reason why employers wouldn’t want to welcome you to their team. I bet my readers can – and I hope you guys share your thoughts in the comments.

jessica yaniv simpson

During the hearing, Yaniv told the judge that he was unemployed, but added that he owns his own marketing business that took a significant hit due to this (implying the alleged Rebel defamation). Yaniv goes on to state that he was earning $6,000 / month ($72,000 annually) prior to this but because of what Rebel (allegedly) did, he now only earns $500 / month.

The judge ignored that statement and instead relied on Yaniv’s affidavit that says he is carrying credit card debt. The judge stated that Yaniv should put the fees on his credit card instead of requesting the province waive fees, to which Yaniv replied that his credit was maxed. That wasn’t the judge’s problem.

Yaniv’s fee waiver (or “indigent” status) was denied and the judge instructed him to pay the approx. $220 fee to file his desired claim against Rebel. Perhaps that explains why this file has been opened between Yaniv and Rebel but there is no lawsuit yet, and no Notice of Application. Instead, it simply shows that Yaniv applied for a fee waiver and filed an affidavit in support of that. Unless Yaniv coughs up the money, this case is dead in the water.

What makes this even more frustrating is that it’s so blatantly obvious to outsiders that Yaniv is lying about his finances. When he sued the Choo’s, he didn’t file for or receive a fee waiver. This is noteworthy because this is the only lawsuit in which Yaniv claims to make $200 / day and this lawsuit blames his loss of income on loss of use of his property due to the fire.

Which is it Jon? You’ve blamed COVID, Rebel, Donald, Kari Simpson, and now the Choo’s. Perhaps it’s because…wait, I said I wouldn’t make any guesses. Save that for the comments.

This was a BC Supreme Court judge, and this was just one case. Yaniv still has fee waivers that have already been granted in his other cases – and these are valid for a year, unless the Court can somehow overturn them.

Let’s hope the BC Provincial Court judges follow suit and make Yaniv pay up. Better yet, let’s declare him a vexatious litigant and tell him to GTFO.

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