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Jessica Yaniv Simpson February WrapUp!

Yaniv February 2021 Wrap Up

February is the shortest month of the year, but you would never know by the amount of 911 mayhem, legal threats and family melodrama caused by Jonny and his posse – his mother, Miriam and his aunt, Ilana. The entire Yaniv clan is now on social media exposing themselves (literally), doxing RCMP officers, threatening lawsuits, and wasting police and emergency resources.

Something new this month! A complete gallery of this months photos and screenshots is at the end of this article.

In a way it was to be expected, especially after MeowMix published an article asking if Miriam was a victim of senior abuse and she responded claiming that there was no abuse, that Jonathan was happy (as was she) after his surgery, and things were healing well. She then asked if we had video evidence (a strangely specific request) to prove our speculation.

The next day, Yaniv announced that he wanted to become a speaker on systemic trans discrimination to influence Canada’s priorities at CSW65, at the Generation Equality Forum 2021 and the UN SDG2030 Agenda. Only problem was that he plagiarized Morgane Oger in his pitch to be appointed. Morgane’s appointment was announced shortly afterwards which made his made his pitch even more narcissistic and, to be honest, sad. There was simply no way, with his past and upcoming court appearances and recent negative media coverage that he would even be considered.

However, in anticipation of being successful he changed his Twitter bio to reflect his new status as a UN volunteer. It is as truthful and as meaningful as his claim to be a human rights and Legal Advocate. Jon, being a vexatious litigant and coming up with money making schemes based on your interpretation of your human rights being breached does not make you either a human rights or legal advocate. Hurt feelings and being broke do not qualify you for anything.

His request to join @ForumFeminist to further impact trans rights was ignored by the organizers who knew all about Yaniv and were concerned on just how negative an impact any association with him would be. Many in both the local trans and gay communities spoke to the organizers to warn them about Yaniv but apparently his reputation had proceeded him. And for those of you keeping count of the number of new young girls follows on TikTok by Yaniv, by February 2, he had added over a hundred new follows in less than 10 days.

The highlight of the month’s first week happened on February 4 when Jonathan posted a warning letter from the legal counsel of the Town of Langley on Twitter about his abuse of the Township emergency services and his inappropriate and LEWD conduct towards the Fire Department staff.

That warning letter seemed to have short circuited his cerebrum’s judgement lobe. He not only published the letter but then challenged the Township with a series of bizarre tweets and one video and then announced that he would be now suing them for libel and “other things”, even though he made the letter public.

The other things became apparent the next day when he posted a tweet with pictures of his condo’s door looking like it had been forcibly opened (tagging in the local media in a desperate publicity attempt). He announced that he was criminally charging the three Langley RCMP officers for burglary. Problem is, even as an aspiring lawyer and diligent study at home law student, Yaniv should already know that he cannot charge anyone with anything – that is the purview of the Crown and he had to walk one of the “charges” back and issued sort of an apology. But that did not stop Jonny as he continued his campaign against the Langley RCMP and Emergency services across his various social media – SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

As the weekend wore on, Jonny’s story become more detailed as he suddenly remembered (he was wearing a towel) other things to include to build and strengthen his lawsuit as he was challenged on social media. MM and the online community developed a theory on what really happened They are surprisingly close.

Rebel News reporter, Keenan Bexte, was issued a subpoena to testify as the primary witness and victim of Yaniv of an assault by Yaniv. For those keeping score this was Yaniv’s third criminal charge (two weapons first, then this, then 2 counts of mischief and 1 uttering threats after).

Rebel News is also suing Yaniv in civil court for assaulting David Menzies and Bexte. And let us not forget his legal confrontations with Donald Smith, Kari Simpson, the Fraser Health Authority, the Town of Langley, etc. etc. etc.

Since Jonny was getting no support anywhere, on February 8, he started a petition on His petition to remove the Langley RCMP from municipal policing claimed among other things that LGBTQ2SIA+ members despise the Safe Place initiative which is a blatant lie. We have been told that the community very much supports it and are furious at Yaniv for trying to selfishly undermine it.

To date, 33 people have signed mostly to write comments about “Langley’s Land Whale”, so Yaniv did what he normally does, he turned off or hid the comments. Almost immediately a counter petition was started, and it still has comments on. They are amusing.

The following day, Miriam emailed out Jonny’s shutdown the RCMP petition to everyone on her contact list. Instead of bcc’ing the list, she openly sent it everyone doxing them, including people who have trolled her in the past. Of course, the list was sent to MeowMix where our sleuths went through it and have developed a few theories about the Yaniv’s plans.

For example, there were several Vancouver Island property management firms confirming the rumour that the Yaniv’s were desperate to get out of Langley and considering a move to the Island.

Miriam then tried to intimidate MeowMix into silence with a strange series of threatening tweets and claims including that Jack did not have any prior wives. Within seconds, thanks to the archivists on KiwiFarms and The Lone Gunmen, we were able to post Jack’s very public online marriage records which showed that he not only had the one previous wife in BC that Miriam knew about but TWO additional wives. Miriam’s response was to delete her Twitter. It turned out to be only temporary as she or Jonny were soon back using it to threaten and harass.

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On February 8, Yaniv’s legal files were updated. A further hearing on the Elston assault and mischief charges was scheduled for March 8 at which time a trial date will be set.

As well, the Fraser Health and the Provincial Health Services Authority filed a response to Yaniv’s lawsuit. The main points are that Yaniv’s claim is not pleaded clearly or appropriately (Yaniv is using the wrong court as usual) and they deny his claim entirely. It’s a thorough rebuttal to Yaniv’s profit driven lawsuit.

Miriam’s status as wife number four quickly faded into memory on February 11, when Jonny tweeted two pictures of his GRS surgical site with medical question to a doctor he has never see. Twitter erupted. Finally, Yaniv was getting the attention he so desperately craves.

Also on February 11, Yaniv’s defense filed an application which we suspect was to remove more probation conditions. He had done this previously on December 14 and that application was granted. So far, it does not say on the CSO and since it was opposed by Crown Counsel, we believe the application was not granted.

In a desperate attempt to change the channel after his castration pictures did not provide the positive support from other GRS individuals and the trans community, Yaniv tried to change the channel on February 13 by virtue tweeting about a fundamentalist church for violating COVID-19 Health Order. He got so much heat about his tweet that he deleted it shortly after.

On Valentine’s Day, as a gift to himself, Yaniv posted that you could not tell that his trans vagina had been surgically altered for either him or any other women. It was just sad that on the day of love for their rest of the world, all Yaniv could do was claim his axe wound was the real thing.

February 15 was another day for big reveals. Yaniv posted another (what he thought was) damning video on Langley Emergency Services across social media. It did not go as planned. The blowback really did show just how badly Jonny is ratioed on Twitter. Well, at least he is a success at something.

February 16 was a slight departure for MeowMix when we published Miriam Yaniv Sets Fire to Her Family Tree, courtesy of our esteemed contributors, The Lone Gunmen. They have been prescient in monitoring Miriam’s family tree and noticed that a user called NoName (most likely Miriam or JY) was hiding photographs and information, but each move was tracked in the site’s activity log. The question was why.

Jack’s marriage and divorce records were never on the site. She seems intent on erasing her family’s incredible and admirable history over the last century. Did she not want any comparison between Jonny’s incredibly brave and noble cousins building a new country and the Canadian pedophile coward creating public mischief for attention with bomb fantasies and gunmen roaming the hall of the strata with a shotgun looking for the brave trans activist.

February 17 was scheduled to be another day in criminal court for Jonny but his lawyer, Andrew Coulthard, was in isolation due to COVID-19. A hearing was scheduled for March 16.

More court antics ended the third week in February. Paid security guards, COVID-19 accusations, hate speech, panic alarms, questionable post-surgery claims – February 19 really was a fun filled day.

As if nothing else could happen that day, Yaniv in attempt to push back at the online censure for his behaviour at the courthouse, Jonny published yet another picture of his transvag but this time he waited until it was dripping blood. He did not get the anticipated sympathy and the world still does not believe that his doctor told him not to go to court. To prove their veracity, most people would not publish a picture of their bleeding stink ditch online but would rather produce a copy of the doctor’s note they presented to the Court.

Continuing with his abuse of process of the various legal systems in BC on the 21st, Yaniv next announced that he had filed a BC Human Rights Complaint against Donald Smith. Of course, everyone mocked him. After his previous experience with the BCHRT, he has learnt nothing, and it is doubtful that the commission will even proceed on his frivolous complaint.

The Commission is at least a year behind with their case load and will probably reprimand Yaniv for harassment once they review his complaint and file. They really don’t like you Dumb Ass after you exposed them to global mockery with your wax my balls complaints. Your memory may be short and faulty, theirs is complete, documented and forever in the public domain.

The following day, the highlight of the month came for many on Twitter, when almost at exactly at the same time that Yaniv was posting congratulations to a new Twitter hire while asking for improved hate conduct detection, dozens of users who had made complaints about Jonny’s tweets received an update from Twitter. You could actually hear the roar of laughter over the Twitterverse when Twitter itself found that Yaniv had violated their rules against hateful conduct.

Early on February 22, the Yaniv clan may have crossed the Rubicon with the BC criminal and legal systems but we would not know of it until Jonny began posting on February 24. Sometime between the 22 and the 24, the Yaniv clan moved into a hotel. MeowMix was contacted by an observer on the 22 but just assumed they were taking a little staycation after the stress of all the previous weeks postponed court dates and the repair work being done on Jonny’s condo.

The sheer stupidity of what was released by the Yaniv’s on the following Wednesday staggered even the most jaded amongst team. The video, the doxing of an RCMP officer and his family, the bizarre claims, we simply could not believe what we were seeing online. We were not alone. The most staggering development of the day came later when MeowMix was contacted by an Anonymous Source who was either incredibly well informed about what happened or witnessed it.

Continuing his campaign of harassment against his Strata, Jonny claimed on Facebook without providing any evidence that his strata sent him three letters in one day (February 24) One asked that any grievance he or his guests (Talking about you Miriam) had with emergency personnel be conducted in a professional manner. Secondly, the Strata did not like Jon’s “scrutiny guard wondering around the building especially in these times of COVID-19 and finally the Strata asked that Jonny’s “medical issues” be dealt with by March 1 because of the noise, building damage and other disturbances, Jonny’s “medical” issues are causing on a daily basis. Jonny’s response “Lawsuit Time.”

February 25 is Pink Shirt – a day to stake a stand against bullying. How did Jonny celebrate it? Did he stop his bullying online and threatening more lawsuits? Nope, all he could do was point out a typo issued by the Langley RCMP detachment. Well at least this year, he did not talk about Amanda Todd or claim that he was a victim of transphobic bullying.

Speaking of more legal action, Jonny announced that he was going to launch a human rights complaint against Fraser Health (guess the lawsuit in the regular court system is not going so great, eh Jonny). Why, you may ask. Because he was spotted in a public line at a COVID-19 testing center and someone tweeted about it. None of his personal information was shared, he was merely seen in line at a public place several times. Is he afraid that people will start asking why he needs so many COVID-19 tests? What has he been doing that he thinks he might have been exposed? Or is it just part of his pathological need for attention?

The following day friends of MeowMix tipped us off that Miriam had recently updated her Facebook page adding that she was a volunteer at a hospital thrift shop. While some wags pointed out that now we know where Jonny gets his wardrobe, when the shop was contacted, they were very emphatic that Miriam was not a volunteer. Just like her son, she lies on her resume and social media profiles.

February 27 Jonny announced that he wanted a service dog. You could almost hear the wheels turning, planning another con when he started to paint himself as a poor disabled trans girl being singled out and attacked by MeowMix “a terrorist organization. No better than Antifa.”

Anyone who knows anything about service dogs know that it takes years to train them, their new owners are carefully vetted, and they can be quite high maintenance. Jonny can’t even keep himself clean. Can he really be expected to look after such a valuable animal properly. As many pointed out, Jonny’s history with animal abuse would immediately disqualify him. But he could start another human rights complaint that he was denied a service animal because he was trans.

What was interesting about his latest scheme was the online discussion as to why. One school of thought was that a dog would make it easier for him to appear safe to young children – the classic pedophile gambit. The other, which was to put it, rather disgusting but considering Jonny’s porn addiction had to be raised – bestiality may be the one thing he hasn’t licked his lips over on either SnapChat or LiveMe. To paraphrase what has appeared online, dogs lick wounds to clean and heal them. Jonny has a wound that strangely is not healing.

While the Twitterverse was amused at the sheer narcissism of Jonny announcing that he was going to sue Twitter on February 27, it was the threat, supposedly by Miriam but many think it was Jonny, on her account to cut the balls of the RCMP officer that had people convinced that it was time to lock both of them up for their own protection. People have started seriously talking about who is going to kill who first. The only thing everyone agrees on is that Ilana is probably in a great deal of danger these days from her sister and her nephew.

Jonny ended February on a litigious note by threatening to sue his mother’s condo for harassment because the Yaniv’s broke the Bylaw of the Strata Corporation by posting a picture of their dog on the front door. Rather than going to the Strata management or raising it at the next Strata meeting about allowing an exemption for notifications about pets within a unit to be posted in case of a fire, Jonny’s default option is to scream harassment and threaten legal action.

Something to think about Jonny…one of your mother’s neighbours probably reported her. They didn’t have to; they could have just knocked on the door and discussed it or they could have just ignored the infraction. Harassment, in your family’s case is a two-way street and the residents of both yours and your mother and aunt’s buildings as well as the rest of Langley are not going to take it anymore. Think about what that means.

Some of the images in this gallery are graphic and not intended for minors. Just like Yaniv. View discretion is advised. Also just like Yaniv.