Jessica Yaniv Simpson February 2022 Wrap-up

It’s February and it looks like if I may use a cliché, the chickens are coming home to roost for Jessica Yaniv Simpson and their clan. They have pissed off so many people in the last month that MeowMix has been inundated with tips and Yaniv stories.

jessica yaniv simpson

The second month of 2022 saw an amazing amount of really bad and really stupid behaviour by the Yaniv clan, in particular, Jonny. Jeez Jonny, you know everything will be archived and shared with any opposing counsel you may face in court, either criminal or civil. Sometimes your stupidity is breathtaking.

It was briefly covered last month, but on February 1, 2022, MeowMix obtained a Certificate of Readiness from the Vancouver court. This document, filed in his lawsuit against VCHA, included several pages of never-before-seen medical records that show, in disgusting detail, how much Jonny neglects his “neovagina.” I wonder if he still thinks it’s indistinguishable from the real thing?

February began with Miriam’s strata, The Residences at Village Square taking aim at the Yaniv clan, after a very public incident on January 31. Having done everything they could to negotiate with the Yaniv’s about their fake service dogs, unrealistic demands for building amenities, and insanely abusive behaviour, we believe this is when the board started working with a legal team to develop a bylaw proposal to silence the Yaniv’s. This would be circulated later in February.

Quick addition…don’t forget that Jon is still a pedophile, and he took some time to follow some more underage girls on TikTok this month.

On February 4, Jonny’s racist behaviour had consequences for his neighbours at the Hawthorne when Kamal’s employer, MasterCare gave notice that they were terminating their longstanding relationship because Hawthorne could not provide a harassment-free and safe environment for their employees. Jonny’s reaction, “Good Riddance!!” The pushback online was immediate.

Jonny’s response was to illustrate once more why his businesses went bankrupt and his claims to be a social media marketing director are mocked every time he brings them up. He began posting fake bad reviews about MasterCare and its employees. They were so obvious that even Yelp pulled the review down rather than just giving it a questionable rating. We suspect because Jonny used a fake location on the Yelp review and reported so many times that his account has been flagged by Yelp for fraud. He has threatened to give bad reviews in the past to local businesses that displeased him and has followed through several times. As soon as people see the name Jessica Simpson, they just roll their eyes and ignore the review.

JY-Related Images, Feb 1-7, 2022

February 5, Jonny spent the day on his balcony, blaring bad music from his sad DJ collection at the trucker’s convoy, despite complaining about how loud noises like truck horns blowing adversely affected his health. Irony is still a concept that escapes him. He also tweeted out to the various companies whose trucks were stuck in traffic that he would never buy or use their products or services. Some of them he never would anyways, which amused social media users. He was so strongly in righteous Karen mode that he did not stop to consider that these trucks may not have been part of the convoy but like many other Langley residents were just stuck in the trucker convoy created traffic jam.

February 11 saw Jonny’s aunt, Ilana in court to face her four criminal charges. As expected, because of her age and because these were first offences, the charges were dropped, but she was given a 12-month $500 peace bond. The same was expected for Miriam’s appearance the following week on February 18 however, her appearance was rescheduled for March 4, 2022.

February 14, Jonny was supposed to have turned his court-ordered affidavit over to the Rebel Media’s lawyers. We do not know yet, if he has, but as soon as we can confirm the facts, we will post. What a way to spend Valentine’s Day. While the rest of the world thinks of love and relationships, Jonny was probably putting the finishing touches on his “victim statement.” The day before, on the 13th, he complained about having a gluten attack on Facebook. As expected, the push back from those who actually believed him, was to stop eating gluten. Read the labels before you start shoving the ice cream and cookies that are listed as your only likes into your pie hole. Anyone who has gluten intolerance knows to either read labels or to ask if they are in a restaurant or ordering food online. He really does exhibit symptoms of Munchausen’s. Anything for attention.

Again, showing no self-awareness or sense, Jonny complained about bullies on the 15th while sending out a letter as Director of Marketing Strategy from his email in response to a letter to Miriam (note: not to Jonny) from her Strata’s property manager. This letter was posted by Jonny on Twitter with many disability organizations tagged in. He was obviously hoping for support, but none came, especially after his response was made public.

JY-Related Images, Feb 8-14, 2022

Really dumbass? Asking for support from disability organizations while asking if someone was “retarded” in your own email? The two most important points in the letter were that that Miriam can have the meeting that she requested but dogs will not be allowed to be in attendance and a written request with an agenda providing details as to what the meeting will be in regard to needed to be provided. Did Jonny draft a letter demanding a meeting for Miriam to sign and then didn’t say why? Typical Jonny move. It was so nice to see that his student-loan-financed education is being put to good use in his reply. You can certainly see how much he has learned. It is interesting to note that there were no racial slurs this time because the letter’s recipient is white.

On February 20, MeowMix got a message from a friend and supporter that their Facebook group had run off and distributed over 300 warning flyers to homes, strip malls, and cars parked at the Willowbrook Mall. What was interesting in the message was the reaction of the local RCMP officer who came to investigate what the volunteers were doing. His laughter and asking if he could keep a flyer tells you all you need to know about Jonny’s relationship with the Langley RCMP detachment. Do you remember when he was trying to intimidate people and frequently told stories about how they go for coffee, how they laugh at the person/target, how they love him, how they support his trans activism? My, how times have changed. Isn’t the effect of the truth amazing?

Two days later, another friend of MeowMix sent Facebook screen captures where Jonny threatens yet another woman. Just one more piece of evidence of his hatred and abuse of women.

JY-Related Images, Feb 15-21, 2022

Jonny’s campaign of terror against the elderly residents of the Residences at the Village Square came to a head with his arrest on the 25th for pulling a fire alarm. More charges are expected. See our February 26 report for compete details and analysis.

February ended with an overflowing town hall style meeting at Miriam’s strata to discuss a proposed bylaw to ban nuisance visitors from the building. The actual vote will be held on March 16, 2022. Of course, as with anything involving the Yaniv clan, it quickly spun out of control with Miriam having a meltdown, an ambulance being called and most significantly, Jonny not being allowed to enter the building. This was one of the conditions of his release after being arrested on the 25th. He cannot enter the building until the charges about the fire alarm pull are settled and by that time the Bylaw will have passed giving the Strata the power to ban him permanently.

March is going to be even more eventful for the clan. Stay tuned. For those of you who haven’t been blocked by Jonny on Twitter and want to read his timeline, be sure to also look at all the replies that he has hidden. He has hidden more replies than he has allowed to stay on his timeline. Many are comedy gold, but many are also astute observations that he doesn’t want people to read. Nothing hurts a predator more than the truth.

JY-Related Images, Feb 22-28, 2022

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