photo sent by jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sends Humiliating Nude Photos of Donald Smith via Snapchat

It seems that there is no line that Jessica Yaniv Simpson won’t cross. The latest, on November 7, 2020, was Yaniv sending screengrabs from a police video that showed Donald Smith being abused by police. Donald is nude in the photos.

It’s not exactly clear if this photo constitutes pornographic material from a legal perspective because it “only” shows Donald’s back side. What is clear, however, is that Yaniv had no business sending it, especially in such a mocking and humiliating context.

photo sent by jessica yaniv simpson

MeowMix exists to expose Yaniv for being a predator. Yaniv thinks he can expose Donald and get away with it. This cannot happen.

Yaniv, you’re a piece of shit for sending these photos. It doesn’t matter if they were published before by someone else. They were published by media in the context of telling Donald’s story of being abused. You sent them to humiliate Donald.

What makes it even more revolting, Jon, is that you sent these to minors.

What makes you think that was acceptable behaviour? It isn’t, you fucking disability-faking imbecile. Maybe if your face had both your eyes on the same line of latitude you’d be able to see how wrong your actions but you can’t. Maybe it’s your stupid mother’s fault. Lord knows Miriam is twice the pedophile you are and she’s just as crooked and thieving. Either way, fuck you for doing this.

Your complete lack of social skills, empathy, intelligence, or positive contributions to humanity in general have created an overflowing well of evil and that evil must go somewhere. That is why MeowMix exists and grows stronger each day. We burn your evil. It fuels us. We use it to create awareness of who you are and what you’ve done. We’ll continue using it to expose your every future move.

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