jessica yaniv simpson

DJ Pedo Cyberbullies Donald, More Snapchat Leaks

Jessica Yaniv Simpsons obsession with Donald Smith grows each day. Yaniv has such an absolute fixation on Donald that one wonders if it’s not an attempt to cover up some man crush or secret desire. With the rumours growing that Yaniv is harbouring deeply closeted gay male feelings and using the trans bit as an act to cover them, one could be forgiven for seeing Yaniv constantly obsessing over Donald and thinking that there may be some underlying craving for Smith’s touch.

jessica yaniv simpson

Let’s be real for a minute. For a so-called lesbian, Yaniv sure is obsessed with dick. He tweets about it often. He’s obsessed with phallic-shaped dildos (watched too much lesbian porn, I’m sure). He told Sara how badly he wanted to sleep with her in a traditional male-female penis-in-vagina fashion. For an LGBTQ activist, he sure is homophobic.

Back on topic…

Friends of MeowMix have submitted another 16 minutes of Snapchat leaks. These ones are filled with even more TikTok videos of young teen girls, so before you watch, I ask a small favour of our readers: if you have a TikTok account, write down the names of the girls accounts you see in these videos and send them a message or comment and let them know a pedophile is jerking off to their videos and they should block him. Give them Yaniv’s username (JessicaSSimpson) and this link. Yaniv wants attention – let’s make sure he gets it.

On that note, enjoy the latest! Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s fun to point and laugh at the very least. There is a little overlap in these Snapchat leaks and the last ones, but it’s mostly new material.

The video below, recorded Nov 30, 2020, shows a drunken, 5-o’clock-shadowed Yaniv “DJ’ing”. The head bopping and shaking is stupid enough, but the Uncle Molester winking combined with the fried hair and never-laundered-shirt is enough to turn every woman off within a 3-light-year radius.

The only really interesting thing in this video is the fact that Yaniv used it to mock Donald’s voice. You’ll see…

Notably absent is his life alert pendant, which caught my eye because I was nearly mesmerized by the hypnotic swaying of his dangling chins. It’s like looking at a gelatinous Newton’s Cradle. Dr. Seuss could write a sequel to cat in the hat. “From this box will emerge Chin Two and Chin One, and they can find anything under the sun, and Chin Four and Chin Three, and they can find anything under a tree, then Chin Six and Chin Five, which looks like a beehive. These thing’s won’t bite you, they want to have fun. Then out his neck, came chins six, five, four, three, two, and one.” Spin that rhyme, DJ Pedo.

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