jessica yaniv simpson disability

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Receiving Disability Benefits; Rebel Lawsuit

MeowMix just received files from the Vancouver Law Court that show Jessica Yaniv Simpson is receiving substantial amounts of money for disability benefits, likely on top of benefits available through COVID relief funds in Canada. A copy of his affidavit in support of order to waive fees and his most recent notice of claim is shown below.

I will ask MeowMix’s legal friend to provide their opinion on the Rebel Notice of Claim, which I will post soon. I have their written opinion on the other lawsuit Yaniv recently filed and because of other demands I haven’t yet posted it.

PS…To the BC Courthouse, please schedule maintenance on the feed rollers for your scanner. Everything you scan is a few degrees off tilt. 🙂 Thanks.

jessica yaniv simpson disability

That’s a fair chunk of change wasted on someone who is a disability faker, which leads to this: Yaniv’s lawsuit against Rebel Media for calling him, among other things, a disability faker.

20210401, JY vs Rebel Media - BC Supreme - Application in Support of Order to Waive Fees
Download 2.5 MB

20210401, JY vs Rebel Media - BC Supreme - Notice of Civil Claim
Download 3.3 MB

I took a quick glance at Yaniv’s notice of claim and have these comments:

  • Yaniv says they were a successful marketer helping businesses throughout the world. Nope.
  • Yaniv claims they had a valued and unblemished reputation before Rebel. Nope.
  • Yaniv claims they are transgendered and disabled and a woman. Nope (x3).
  • Yaniv says they were targeted for profit. Nope.

I am not really pro- or anti-Rebel Media, but I will commit this: If Rebel is instructed to remove all of their content re: Yaniv from their site, which won’t happen, we will host it all offshore for Rebel permanently, untouchable by Yaniv.