jessica yaniv simpson vs donald smith

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Defeated! Donald Smith Victorious!

After much protest, whining, and stubbornness, Jessica Yaniv Simpson, renowned predator and bully, has withdrawn his lawsuit against Donald Smith.

This withdrawal, which occurred March 5, 2021, comes after months of delay and after Yaniv was pushed into a corner by Donald Smith and the BC Provincial Court to put up or shut up. In other words, Yaniv was ordered to make a decision about whether or not he would attempt to pursue the case, and then he would have to prove to the Court why he believed the court had jurisdiction to do so – even after the Court said it did not.

Unlike previous withdrawals, Judge Gaffar took the extra step of issuing an order acknowledging Yaniv’s withdrawal and inviting Donald to apply for costs. Fingers crossed!

Update 2: he mad lol!

Update! Kari Simpson and Donald Smith have confirmed that they will be filing an application for costs!

View the PDF here.

20210311 JY vs DFS Provincial Court Withdrawal and Order
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