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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Defamatory Libel Arrest Documents

Thanks to a friend of MeowMix for providing these documents.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson was arrested June 20, 2022 and charged with one count of publishing defamatory libel. Thanks to court records, we can now confirm what we originally thought, which is that these charges are in relation to the Yaniv’s unhinged attack on RCMP Constable Gafka last year.

These events followed Miriam Yaniv and Ilana Altmann’s arrest, and they, along with JY, started a social media campaign of hate against Gafka, posting pictures of him, his family, and false accusations that he sexually and non-sexually assaulted Miriam Yaniv. As a result of the incident that night, Miriam and Ilana are both on probation. Now it’s time for consequences for JY.

First, the information. In essence, this is the document that creates the charge.

20220609 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson Defamatory Libel Information
Download 320.5 KB

Next is the warrant for JY’s arrest.

20220609 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson Arrest Warrant Defamatory Libel
Download 211.8 KB

And lastly, the undertaking, which comes after JY was arrested, and includes his release conditions. His conditions are pretty standard – don’t communicate with Gafka or go near him.

20220620 - Jessica Yaniv Simpson Defamatory Libel Undertaking
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Yaniv did file a lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada, Ministry of Justice of BC, Constable Gafka and another RCMP officer in May 2021. When the defendants replied that JY made his entire story up, his claim had no cause of action, accused him of being vexatious and frivolous, said that he wasn’t even the victim so how could he sue, and asked for dismissal with costs, JY abandoned the lawsuit.

It’s unfortunate that Gafka and his family had to be dragged by JY for it to get to this point, but it’s nice to see karma coming for JY. These charges took over a year to file, which tells me that they were well reviewed and vetted, and the evidence is solid. It’s nice to see that someone who accuses people of defamation and tries to ruin their reputation and lives by inventing false claims (read: accusing Amy Hamm and Mani Vigg of sexually assaulting him in bathrooms, a place where he himself is known to record people) is now facing some consequences for running his mouth.

Here’s hoping more consequences come for Miriam too. She did threaten to cut Gafka’s balls off. What a great family.