Jessica Yaniv Simpson December 2021 WrapUp

December was not all that different from the rest of the months in 2021 for Jessica Yaniv Simpson – daily virtue tweets, continued stalking and harassment of Donald F Smith, frequent threats to either sue or launch a human rights complaints (and continuing to lose),  frequently  mocking the RCMP (although he was still calling them almost weekly for various “emergencies”), continuing to follow underage girls on TikTok, ongoing racism and homophobia, begging for free sex toy samples, etc. until the final hours of the year.

That is when he started to delete tweets on an industrial level, as well as changed his Twitter profile picture to one not-so-blatantly photoshopped (but still heavily filtered). After other social media users pointed out that that the new picture was at least 100 pounds and two chins ago, he changed to a more recent, albeit still heavily filtered one. It looks like it was taken around the time he began posting pictures of himself and his new pet on Facebook.

For those wondering, we are no longer going to devalue the term service dog by applying it in even quotation marks to Jonny’s untrained and uncontrollable pet. One of the reasons that Jonny had a falling out with the young woman that he posted about in November is that his dog chewed up several pairs of her shoes. Yes indeed, trained and certified service dogs chew up foot apparel, as well shred tampons and pads despite being told to stop. They also do their business outside of their home, not inside, or in the car parkade, as apparently Rexy has been doing. Another issue for strata management? Seems that Yaniv has not been cleaning up the dog shit.

He also updated his bio, which also gives hints of his plan to “rebrand” himself from a racist pedophile and failed trans activist to paralegal candidate (a term he appears to have created for himself), human rights and legal advocate. He still claims to be a tech blogger (although he no longer has a working website), a marketer, and lesbian.

The reaction on social media was amusement and gratitude. Amusement over Jonny thinking he could ever escape his past and get rid of material that will be used against him in upcoming criminal court cases by merely hitting the delete button. And gratitude for him finally deleting the pinned “glamour shot” tweet.  Social media users also wondered if he was going to change his name for a third time in an attempt to escape his toxic reputation, criminal history, and debts, which are sure to be an issue as he tries to get a practicum to complete his course work. We are also sure that the various lawyers involved in both his criminal and civil cases have the relevant and incriminating screenshots. If they don’t, MeowMix does.

December started with the news that Jonny’s Civil Resolution Tribunal Complaint against the BC Emergency Health Services (AKA 911 ambulance, fire, and RCMP) was dismissed. Unfortunately, the BCEHS did not ask for costs, but reading the decision must have given them some satisfaction that the Tribunal Member’s written decision not only rejected all of Jonny’s claims but laid out what a liar and scam artist he is.  The tribunal member sounded disappointed that BCEHS did not ask for fees and dispute related expenses, which probably would have been gleefully granted.

Jonny went quiet for a few days, other than the saccharine virtue tweets, until he could not help himself on December 3, posting a screenshot of a Home Depot ring video doorbell with a suggestion that it looked like a “cock”. It was suggested that the only reason Jonny saw its resemblance to a penis was that it was so small it reminded him of his before the GRS. What was also interesting is that he appeared to be looking for more home security devices. Future prediction JonJon: There comes a time when you have pissed off one person too many and it doesn’t matter how many security devices you have, you will pay the price.

On December 6, while replying to a local transwoman about to undergo GRS, Yaniv announced that he was going to file a civil claim against Vancouver Coastal Health for $35,000 in “quantum damages” (something new he learned in school and of course, it doesn’t apply in small claims court) for negligence, stating he had proof of their malpractice. Here is the thing…if he really had that kind of proof, he would not be filing in small claims court, but in a higher court which could award much, much more. EXCEPT, when he loses, he would be on the hook for costs. It is obvious that this is just another vexatious lawsuit hoping to get “go away money”. But Jonny may have made a big mistake on Facebook which would allow him to be sued for defamation after he loses his case against Coastal Health. Unsurprisingly, this post was also deleted on New Year’s Eve.

Dec 1 – 7, 2021 JY-related Images

On December 7 he did indeed file the lawsuit, but he also got news, as did MeowMix, that Rebel Media filed to dismiss Jonny’s entire case. Both make interesting reading, as does our analysis published on December 8.

The following day, Jonny responded to a holiday season public service announcement by his nemesis, the Langley RCMP. Those who read the now-deleted nonsensical tweet wondered if he was drunk or stoned or just projecting his own fat shaming.

December 10 must have been a hard day for Jonboy with the Ontario Supreme Court’s Decision on Bill Whatcott. He immediately took to Twitter telling everyone that the decision made him want to throw up and hypocritically ranting about hate crimes. The concept of irony either escapes him or he is just too damn stupid to understand it. Social media immediately pushed back, and he responded by lashing out at the Langley RCMP. Community Service is another concept that the Langley transactivist does not understand. Jon if you really did the community service you volunteered for, the streets you adopted would be immaculate.

December 11 saw Jonboy, looking to be relevant in the local Langley traffic engineering circles as well as legal circles, posted a TikTok which looked like it probably came from his course work. There is no context to what happened or even when it happened but there was Jonny advocating for an undefined, questionable traffic engineering problem to be fixed. Social media then wondered if he was going to start showing up at Langley Township Council meetings on a regular basis again. Which ball gown and tiara would he wear? Would his falsies fall out?

December 12 saw Jonny post a story about a billionaire winning one round against Twitter (the location of where to sue). He immediately claimed it supported him and he too had to proceed with his lawsuit against Twitter. Which will it be Small Claims, the CRT or the BCHRT?

December 17 saw Jonny having to defend himself after questioning whether Donald F Smith was a legitimate reporter. It was pointed out that he himself had claimed to be a reporter in October. He pushed back by claiming that there was not enough room in his bio to list everything he does (everyone stop laughing) and was considering branching out into other writing avenues. Did he mean more plagiarism?

Dec 8 – 17, 2021 JY-related Images

Jonny was in a celebratory mood on December 23, tweeting about his property manager leaving. The professional tech writer and reporter misspelled Champagne. Most of social media caught that as well as wondered what would happen when he met the new, very well briefed property manager who may very likely be a local Sikh. Would the new property manager make Jonny clean up after his pet?

Jonny spent Christmas Day alone, (drinking cheap wine according to Langley Resident) posting on social media and then hiding the replies. The only things he considered noteworthy in his life for 2021 is that his pet dog was born in April and that DFS may be doing something that Jonny considers worthy of criminal charges. The two may yet be sharing a cell in 2022.

Jonny spent Boxing Day obsessing about Donald Smith, but since he was spending another holiday alone and ignored, he created a new TikTok account impersonating Smith to pass the time between food deliveries and dilating himself. Rather than just being his usual vengeful, misogynistic self when creating the account, he could not resist doxing Smith and asking for pizza deliveries to be sent to DFS. Dumbass, you always do that. We have a documented history of you doing that, as does Langley RCMP and Kari Simpson. Actually, anyone involved with you has already started a file in case they need it in the future. Good luck on getting a legal office practicum, Maybe you can get one in a Pizza take out & delivery business owned by a local Sikh person.

Snapshots from JY’s TikTok Account Impersonating DFS

When the Governor General of Canada announced this year’s appointments to the Order of Canada on December 29, Jonny immediately began to troll about how he would one day be awarded one. Of course, people made fun of him, but the most interesting aspect of this trolling attempt was how few people even bothered to respond. His ratioing is getting worse. He really is becoming irrelevant on social media.

2021 ended for Jonny with him reminding everyone about the Karotz product failure while trying to rewrite history about his involvement and rewrite his social media history with the massive purge. It won’t do him any good. His entire history has been archived or screenshot. As they say Jonny, the Internet is forever.

Dec 18-31, 2021 JY-related Images