jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Criminal Trial Set!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a convicted criminal and accused pedophile, groomer, thief, scammer, and sex predator from Langley, BC, is facing three criminal charges related to a disturbing and violent event in February 2022. A hearing was held today to determine a trial date and required duration, and it was set for June 27-29, 2023.

Yaniv is facing three charges.

  1. Assault – Yaniv is accused of assaulting an elderly male at Miriam Yaniv’s condo building across the street from his own residence.
  2. False Alarm of Fire – Yaniv is accused of running around pulling multiple fire alarms in the lobby of the building in an effort to harass/annoy residences and draw emergency services to the building.
  3. Reporting an offense committed when it was not – Yaniv is alleged to have false reported that he was assaulted by a senior. RCMP did not believe him.

Yaniv was prohibited from stepping foot anywhere on the property. This was later amended to allow him to attend certain businesses on the ground floor of the building but not the residence portion.

These charges stem from events in early 2022, during which Yaniv was frequently visiting Miriam’s condo and he, along with Miriam, terrorized elderly residents, often leaving threatening messages or offensive “gifts”. Strata meetings were held to vote on banning JY from the building as a nuisance. Jon and Miriam also tried to blackmail the strata into allowing Rexy on site, saying Rexy was a service animal and if they didn’t allow it they would be taken to the CRT or HRT. That action failed. Jon was using implied lawyer credentials at this time, such as branding himself as “The Practice of Jessica Simpson” and using SimpsonLitigationDOTCOM domain names, which resulted in JY being reprimanded in writing by the Law Society of BC.

You can read more on these events here.

Since these events, and since Yaniv was banned from the property, residents have reported improved quality of life in the building, and Miriam has become more pleasant and friendly, suggesting that her son is a dangerous stressor in her life.

Yaniv’s previous criminal charges have not gone well for him.

  • Assault – found guilt of assaulting Keean Bexte, conditionally discharged, probation.
  • 2 counts Illegal Weapons Possession – guilty, conditionally discharged after probation.
  • Publishing Defamatory Libel – stayed, could be reopened.
  • 2 counts Public Mischief – stayed, could be reopened.
  • Uttering Threats to Cause Death or Bodily Harm – guilty, probation.

This brings Yaniv to a total of 10 charges, none of which have been defeated.