Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Confrontation at Miriam’s Strata

Yesterday, February 2, 2022, there was a confrontation overheard outside Miriam Yaniv’s condo between Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Miriam, and a resident. JY could be heard calling the police, claiming they were being harassed and that the resident had reported them to the law society.

Highly skilled artists’ rendition of events.

This statement about the law society, which came directly from JY, backs up an anonymous tip we received back in December that JY was reprimanded by the BC Law Society. This could be why JY has recently changed his social media bios and other documents from “Law Student and Legal Student” to “legal studies student”, a less “lawyer-esque” title.

According to our witness, JY was outside the building on his phone, shouting, “I need police to come now…No!  I have a fucking service dog!”  Apparently he said something about how he has filed “report after report after report and this is getting ridiculous”. The resident was heard calmly talking to Miriam (details could not be heard). Suddenly JY charged at the resident and shouted “What did you fucking say? I heard what you fucking said, You said “he” is not allowed in the building loud and clear you stupid fucking bitch. I am sick of your fucking bullshit”.

The entire confrontation appeared to be regarding JY claiming his dog was a “Service Dog” and could go wherever JY did. Our sources tell us the building allows dogs except in a lounge area or the kitchen area of the lounge. Apparently, this is where JY wants to be able to take their dog.

After about 90 minutes where JY was seen (and heard!) going from the building lobby to the parking lot numerous times and talking to individuals on their phone, the Police arrived. During this time, the police officer attempted to have JY produce the service dog certification for the dog and when none was forthcoming, could be heard telling JY “They haven’t done anything wrong”. When JY tried to enter Miriam’s building again, the officer told JY to go home to their own building. 

Unrelated to this incident, but we received another report that Walnut, a little blonde chap known to live at the same condo, was seen wearing a red service dog vest and walking his dog Miriam the other day. Is this the new scam? Double service dogs?

We’ll keep providing updates as more information comes in. It’s not a surprise at all that JY is harassing women, calling them slurs and charging at them. It’s also not surprising that this happened on Groundhog Day.  For anyone who has seen the movie, they understand that this term means “a situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way”.

JY and Miriam just keep trying to repeat the same old grifts over and over again.  He’s a weak, feeble creep in a dress that targets people that live in a 55+ building. Miriam is a pedo-enabling scammer/thief mother and the two of them spend their days looking for people to rip off. It’s unrealistic to expect anything better from these two.