Jessica Yaniv Simpson Claims To Own Gun; Makes Threats

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, previously convicted of possession of an illegal weapon, has now announced that they own a 9 mm gun and they will use it on Donald Smith, and that it won’t be their fault if they do.

I guess Yaniv missed the part in his so-called firearms training course that said you are responsible for your gun, but I digress.

The story starts a couple weeks ago when Yaniv posted a teen girls’ phone number on LeoList, a popular escort site. He used fake photos of an escort from Ontario named Arianna (remember, JY is obsessed with Arianna Grande and often mentions this name) and the teen girls phone number – a number that only he had access to.

Over recent days, those teens have fielded several requests to meet from potential customers, all of whom they have redirected to JY’s real number. Some were even given his address. I guess that’s karma for you, Jon.

jessica yaniv simpson text

After they had enough of it, they contacted JY and demanded he take the ad down.

Let’s quickly follow the conversation here:

  • Girls: take down the ad.
  • Jon: “wrong person”
  • Also Jon: “if you do that they’ll get shot” (guess it wasn’t the wrong person…)
  • Also Jon: I have a gun and I’ll use it.
  • Also Jon: “omg you’re Donald pew pew”.

Real smart, Jonathan. Real smart.

That wasn’t even the half of it last night. Yaniv, in another one of his drunken stupors, started texting about killing me and Chris Elston on Twitter.

Note that Donald never actually said this. Nobody did. Yaniv invented this in his mind.
Seems a bit homophobic for an LGBTQ activist and someone who tried to establish a National Sex Day.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for Jon. His anger spread out to text messages.

So….to sum up, bitch craaaaaay.

PS….this was all provided to Kari Simpson along with screenshots of the phone numbers, etc.

Cheers Jon! Byeeeeeeeeeee.

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