Jessica Yaniv Simpson Claims to get Langley Top Cop Fired

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv Simpson is bragging about getting the Langley RCMP top cop fired. Cue collective eye roll.

Tldr? Yaniv is a moron. Details below…

Jessica Yaniv Simpson recently sued the Township of Langley, claiming the civilian staff assigned to support local RCMP were abusive, neglectful, and violated his rights. Yawn.

It’s well known that Yaniv is a frequent and notorious abuser of public resources – police, fire, paramedics, hospital, and oxygen. It’s also well known that officials are starting to figure him out and are less tolerant of his shenanigans these days.

Now Yaniv is claiming he got the Langley police chief fired. Right. The truth is there is some kind of scandal internally and he’s been reassigned. Yaniv, with his unique combination of top tier stupidity and arrogance, thinks he caused it though.

Personally, I know that the RCMP and their support staff are all well informed about both Yaniv’s and their special level of mental illness. I also know they’re all tired of Yanivs games and are at the point where they’re calling BS.

Can you really blame them? Only Jonathan Jessica Yaniv Simpson thinks they’re so important that people would make bomb threats about them. The truth is JJYS is nobody in the big picture. A net negative on the giant equation called humanity.

What say you? If you had to compare Jonny’s impotence and arrogance to something or someone, what would it be? Leave a comment below!