Jessica Yaniv Simpson Claims First Nation

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Claims First Nation Heritage for Vaccine Access

According to sources with access to medical facilities, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has apparently had it’s first COVID vaccine. This in itself isn’t newsworthy, except our source stated that Simpson skipped to the front of the queue by claiming they have First Nations heritage.

Normally Yaniv would not be eligible for the vaccine until Phase 4, starting in May 2021.

The link at the bottom refers to people who are clinically extremely vulnerable, putting them at a high risk of increased complications due to COVID. The screenshot below shows which conditions make a person qualify for this:

Based on the above information, and the fact that Yaniv was sighted at a vaccine clinic, we know he must have committed fraud to obtain it. Yaniv does not have any of the above conditions and is only 34 years old. The only plausible way this could have happened is it Yaniv claimed to have First Nations heritage.

But wouldn’t they check that?


Based on this, the only way Yaniv could have obtained a vaccine is what our source tells us is true – Yaniv lied and claimed to have First Nation heritage, thereby stealing a vaccine and clinic position from someone more deserving and vulnerable.

The balls on this guy, claiming to have FN heritage while simultaneously displaying open hatred towards people of colour.