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Chris E. vs Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Threats vs Protests

In typical Jessica Yaniv Simpson fashion, he came off the rails again in the last 24 hours. Death threats, social media complaints, and 911 calls, oh my!

jessica yaniv simpson donald smith chris e

Chris E made waves on social media in the trans community when he posted “I heart JK Rowling” billboards in Vancouver and other cities across the US. Yaniv and his inspiration, Morgane Oger, took it personally and attacked him for it, along with thousands of other trans-rights phonies on social media.

Note that I say phonies and not activists. The vast majority of trans people know JK Rowling isn’t transphobic. It’s simply a few loose screws at the end of the plank that continue along that narrative.

In response to the phonies, Chris took his cause to the streets, carrying his sign to places where the phonies could often be found. One of those was JY’s condo, where Chris walked – legally – on the public sidewalk.

In response, JY sent Chris several threatening text messages late last night, October 19, 2020, including death threats and a threat to break his kneecaps. This isn’t the first time Yaniv threatened Chris – several months ago he said Chris would end up dead in a ditch.

Chris returned today, October 20, sign in hand and walking the public sidewalk. Yaniv being the crazy lunatic he is started following Chris, ducking into the nearby Sandman Hotel and his mother’s adjacent condo, always staying 100 yards away, hiding behind a tree or doorway, but watching.

Obviously Chris could see Yaniv, and invited him – via Twitter – to talk it out. Yaniv responded by calling 911 and demanding the police arrest Chris.

Sure enough, police came, but they made no arrests. They reviewed Chris’ Twitter timeline, sign, and story and there were no problems. Chris even told them that LangleyResident – a resident of the same building as JY – invited him down, which can be corroborated on Twitter.

The police also reviewed the threats made to Chris and told him they would talk to Yaniv and instruct him to cease communication with and threats towards Chris. Unfortunately, he likely won’t be arrested unless he escalates it further.

That in itself is sad. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is literally everything wrong with humanity wrapped into one bundle. He’s hateful, evil, crooked, dishonest, and thinks he’s invincible. Police behaviour like this strengthens him. Langley RCMP are negligent and one of these days the psychopath Yaniv is going to hurt someone. MeowMix will make sure the victim has all the information they need to file a lawsuit against the police for negligence. All the old complaints. All the old evidence. All the old threats. The RCMP could prevent this and have chosen not to.

There’s unequal rights here. Yaniv, the alleged fake-disabled, fake-trans, cop-scamming, child-grooming piece of shit can make death threats and break the law, but innocent civilians on public spaces are questioned by police. Chris has a right to protest whatever he wants in a public space. He has a right to protest unthreatened by a person who has been charged with criminal assault charges and convicted of possessing illegal weapons. The police think Chris should roll over for a bully. Fuck that.

There is another aspect to this story that will amuse some and infuriate others. The police indirectly admitted they don’t take Yaniv seriously. One of the criteria for Yaniv’s threats to be taken seriously is that the receiver has to feel legitimately threatened. Obviously nobody is – and that includes Chris.

It’s amusing in that it means even the police think Jonathan Yaniv is a joke, but it’s infuriating because Yaniv is an evil troll that deserves to burn in a special place in hell, or the local corrections facility.

After all Yaniv’s bluster and might while hiding behind his fake phone numbers, the end result was that Chris was told to have a nice day and Yaniv is being told to shut up.

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