Updates: Choo and Township of Langley Lawsuits

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been awfully busy this month, which is interesting considering his claims in the application he made below. He says he is physically unable to make repeated 30 minute trips to the police detachment to file reports, but he has made nearly daily 30 minute trips to the Surrey Courthouse to file documents. Suspicious? Details below.

Township of Langley

JY filed an application requesting that the Township of Langley staff use his desired pronouns and respectful language when addressing him. It goes on to demand that the ToL cease and desist the “discriminatory” practice of not taking Yaniv’s incessant police reports over the phone. It accuses the ToL call takers of hanging up on him and forcing him to attend the station in person.

Yaniv complains about needing to make the trip to the police station but, as I said above, is no problem visiting the Courthouse. I should note that, according to Google Maps, the Langley RCMP station is actually closer than the Courthouse – 18 minutes instead of 28.

I guess this is what happens when you cry wolf too many times Jon. The police are sick of you. Everyone is, really. We’re all tired of you sitting your fat ass behind your screen filing complaints. If you’re serious, get off your ass, you lazy prick.

The hearing for this application is tentatively scheduled for Oct 15.

Choo Lawsuit

The Choo’s have chosen to tell Yaniv to get the fuck outta here, and they lawyered up to do it! Kudos to them for standing up to this POS.

The details are below, and the full document is in the document library, as always, but the long and the short of it is the Choo’s deny each and every one of Yaniv’s allegations and go on to to say Yaniv is lying about damages, and may have even caused it himself.

The Choo’s request the case be dismissed and they be awarded costs.

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