jessica yaniv simpson withdraw choo lawsuit

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Latest Legal Loss: The Choo Lawsuit.

The defeats keep piling on. Whatever will Jessica Yaniv Simpson do…

First, I need to apologize to followers. This is old news and I dropped the ball on it. We’ve heard from various sources that this happened a couple months ago but I was waiting on a CSO update. Turns out it was filed September 16, 2020 and I simply overlooked it. My bad! So, while Jonny may be laughing at my little oops, we can all laugh at his epic failure of a life.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about this case, but this is the one where the Choo family had a kitchen fire. Yaniv tried to raise money to “support a cop who’s apartment was also damaged” but we know he likes to fundraise for himself by saying he’s raising money for police. Yaniv then posted a video from his window showing the damage done to the neighbours units. In this video and other social media posts, Yaniv stated his unit was undamaged.

He event went as far as to tell his “fiance” Sara that his unit was ok, although Yaniv tried to imply that the Choo’s were behaving strangely. He told Sara, “Someone not watching the stove. I know 🙁 The people in that unit are careless. I just approached hi acting stupid and being like “that was your unit right” and he has a huge smile on his face. Very odd….

BUT THEN, suddenly there was damage!

Yaniv told Sara there was damage to his bathroom ceiling, alleging it was from the fire. Yaniv even tried to have the insurance company move him into a different apartment or hotel while it was being repaired.

On September 2, Yaniv filed a lawsuit against the Choo family, alleging malicious acts, and saying they caused business losses of $5,000. His lawsuit goes on to state that he didn’t notice any water in the main areas of his condo, but that night his airways closed for 12 minutes. He claims this was DETERMINED (not speculated, not assumed) to be because of water in his carpets and bathroom ceiling.

Yaniv claimed his ceiling was tested by the restoration company and was deemed to have a high level of moisture, making it unusable. The insurance company paid to put him in a hotel. Leave it to Jonathan to find a scam…

The restoration company came in and examined his apartment, finding only a tiny spill of water in the closet. The experts at the restoration company argued it could be from a dog bowl or similar, not from a sprinkler system. Yaniv argued that nobody puts a dog bowl in the closet, which is fair, but I suspect Yaniv spilled water, or worse, in his closet to cause damage.

His claim specifically says “the water was not there prior to the ‘fire’ and was there due to the fire in 401”. How could you possibly know this Jon?

His lawsuit went on to accuse the Choo’s of intentionally setting off the sprinkler system as a form of insurance fraud. He claimed he was out of his home because of this, and lost “$200/day for 25 days” in business revenue because of this.

You can read the entire claim here.

Fast forward two weeks. On Sept 16, lawyers representing the Choo’s insurance company replied to Yaniv’s lawsuit. They denied his entire claim, adding that any damage caused to his own unit were probably his own doing. The lawyers added that Yaniv’s claim for costs should be denied because the amounts were excessive, unreasonable, and constitute substantial betterment. In other words, Yaniv was suing for profit and the lawyers called him on it.

We also heard there was communication between Yaniv and the Choo’s lawyers, in which Yaniv was told they would be coming after him for costs. The Choo’s can prove they had a fire, and they had damages, and they have information from the restoration company, and the lawyers challenged Yaniv to prove a single claim he made.

Yaniv IMMEDIATELY withdrew his lawsuit. Not the next day. Not the next week. He filed his withdrawal on the same day as the Choo’s filed their formal reply – September 16, 2020.

The withdrawal is shown below.

This is what more people need to do. Stand up to Yaniv. Don’t be intimidated by him. Push his greasy ass into a corner and make him beg for mercy.

This is yet another of Yaniv’s failed attempts to sue for profit. Yaniv was forced to drop the HRT case against Bill Whatcott and additional HRT complaints for ball waxing against She Point Beauty Studio and Top Touch (Oct 1, 2020).

Other legal blows this year:

  • Forced to pay $6,000 to the aestheticians for his racist and fraudulent HRT claims.
  • Prohibited from accessing the HRT until paying that fine, which he did.
  • Weapons possession charges loss – conditional discharge, probation.
  • Kari Simpson is being allowed to support Donald Smith against Yaniv’s wishes.
  • Yaniv applied for a default judgment in his claims against Donald Smith and Kari Simpson. The Judge denied this. He was forced to drop his claim against Simpson and is attempting to escalate his claim against Donald to a higher court. I don’t think he has the balls.
  • Yaniv asked a judge to issue arrest warrants for Kari Simpson and Donald Smith, accusing them of contempt of court. Judge said no.
  • Amy Hamm’s case is getting stronger and going to the BC Supreme Court. This has a huge chance of destroying Yaniv.
  • Yaniv’s attempt to have Amy Hamm charged with sexual assault was denied.
  • Yaniv was charged with assault against a Rebel News reporter, who he also happens to be suing. When Yaniv applied to have his fees waived in that lawsuit the Judge said NO.
  • He lost an application for a default judgment against the Township of Langley.
  • The Township of Langley is counterattacking Yaniv, accusing him of abuse of their resources and lying in his claims.
  • His threats to sue people are almost always laughed at now.
  • His efforts to have everyone arrested, from Chris Elston to Kari Simpson to the entire MeowMix team, have all failed.
  • His attempts to have police provide him some sort of security have failed – his bomb threats are laughed at.
  • Most of all, Yaniv’s nemesis Donald Smith had his bogus charges stayed and he was released from jail. You just know that this one isn’t over either…

One may argue that Yaniv had a small win when he received a $2500 settlement from the physiotherapist bed, but he sued for several times that, and this was there way of making him go away. $2500 is chump change in the big picture, especially compared to his mounting credit card debt, $6,000 payment to the salons, and dwindling home equity.

His impotence doesn’t end in the courtroom either. In 2019, Jessica Yaniv Simpson trotted around social media as if he owned it. Now, he’s turned off comments to virtually everything he posts. His “JYKnowsIT” business website has been “under construction” for over a year, and his TrustedNerd website is virtually dead.

His efforts to silence everyone have virtually failed entirely. He went after our crowdfunding platform. They reported to us that they were contacted by him and they investigated us and found no problem. Yaniv claimed we defamed and slandered him and Fundrazr disagreed. WordPress did ask us to leave their platform, stating they don’t support attack sites, but they gave us a full refund plus supported our back end transition for a couple weeks. The site was down for 30 minutes and has only grown since.

Add on top of that all his other failures this year – job losses, dead business, failed scams, hilarious trip to Toronto for a catfish, and the dozens of people that have spoken up against this pedophile and you have what amounts to a REALLY bad year for Jessica Yaniv Simpson, although it has been a silver lining on the dark cloud of 2020 for the rest of us.

I know you’re not supposed to wish ill upon people, and I know it’s not good karma to enjoy someone’s suffering, but for all the harm and evil that Yaniv has done, and all the harm and evil that Miriam Yaniv has done, it’s fitting and well deserved that these two were thoroughly destroyed in 2020. May 2021 be even better – for us.

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