Investigating alleged Canadian predator Jessica Yaniv

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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Chat Transcripts: Ashley, Katie, Jess, and more!

Long time followers of the alleged pedophile, woman hater, and transphobe (JY refuses to date trans people and calls drag queens hypersexualized) Jessica Yaniv Simpson will recognize most of these conversations from previously posted pictures on KiwiFarms, various media sites, and MeowMix. Now you can read through these conversations in an much easier format, thanks to some friends of MeowMix.

Seriously, the work these friends have done cannot be understated. Over 550 pages of transcripts, some of them gone through multiple times to add links and media bits. The time and effort invested in these docs has been massive, and I’m grateful they’ve made them for MeowMix so we can provide them to you. Thank you guys – you know who you are.

The transcripts below are all available in the MeowMix Library, along with dozens of legal and reference documents.

The earliest exchanges are from 2008, when a 21-year-old Yaniv began pestering a fellow Kwantlen student. This is probably the earliest material we have from Yaniv and it shows his menophilia and interest in hanging around in women’s washrooms was already in full sway. The woman he kept bothering here was probably about 18 or 19 years old at the time.

He began the exchanges by seeking extensive advice on how to buy a woman’s swimsuit to wear in a hotel pool on a trip he was making to Las Vegas. In addition to repeatedly bringing up menstruation and his desire to use women’s washrooms, he describes what he said was his first sexual encounter – a grotesque bathroom boink at Kwantlen in which a girl he clearly cared nothing that ended up on the floor with her head hitting the wall as he tried to figure out whether his penis was actually in her. The woman he is chatting with coolly tells him she hasn’t read what he’s written and eventually blocks him to escape his lascivious prattle.

The next exchanges are from 2013 and were with a girl Yaniv knew was only 14. He himself was 25 and exploiting the volunteer social media work he did for the teen-girl singing group Cimorelli. He pestered the 14-year-old with messages about menstruation and how to ask girls to give him pads. He involved her in cyberbullying fans who displeased him. And eventually he pretended to be shocked by finding child porn on Facebook, then asking, “wanna see?” No, she didn’t wanna see.

The remaining two transcripts begin in 2014. In one, Yaniv messages a 19-year-old, at first seeking guidance on buying a women’s swimsuit to take with him on a Las Vegas trip because he claims to be allergic to chlorine, something a woman’s suit would not have helped with. For eight months, he went on badgering her about how best to hang around in women’s washrooms and wanting details about wearing tampons and pads. The discussion eventually came to resemble his delusional babble in the SaraLeaks. He wanted to marry this 19-year-old he’d never met. He also wanted to wear her prom dresses and bras and to pretend he was her. The 27-year-old man said she made his “wee wee go boing.”

The other transcript that begins in 2014 involved a 14-year-old who, a few years later, would become a superstar to MeowMix and Kiwi Farms readers: JessR. Yaniv found her as he did the other 14-year-old mentioned above: on Cimorelli’s Facebook. JessR tolerated him and sometimes joked with him, but never pretended to be romantically or sexually interested in the 27/28-year-old man begging her for attention and posting drooling sexual innuendo day after day. Three moments are particularly chilling: He tells JessR he wants to wear women’s shoes so that when he’s in a washroom stall, girls can’t glance down and see that there’s a man in the next stall. He tells JessR he wants to fly her from the U.S. to Canada so she can be his date at his high school reunion. And he tells her about another girl, one he’s been messaging for seven years, since the girl was only 10.

Last year, Yaniv befriended and conned 20-year old Katie. He told her how he uses the local disability transport service as a way to avoid parking fees, and shared stories about his fake medical needs. Yaniv said nobody supported his efforts to transition and wanted Katie to attend various medical appointments with him.

While there’s no new news in these transcripts, they present a deeper picture of who Yaniv is – and who Yaniv always has been. It is an ugly, often frightening picture.