rcmp outside jessica yaniv simpsons condo

Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Frequent Distracted Driver Rear-Ended; Calls Ambulance

What an exciting day for Jessica Yaniv Simpson! It started off with a whirlwind of new filings at the courthouse (details to come) and ended with a bang!

Apparently Yaniv was in some sort of fender bender. He either reversed into something or was rear-ended at fairly low speed. His car was spotted with moderate damage to the trunk, and no visible damage to the rear bumper, suggesting to me that the impact was from something bigger than his small car, like an SUV or truck. The taillights, rear window, rear quarter panels, and even the paint appear undamaged, according to witnesses. There is, however, a substantial dent where the trunk lid is pushed in a few inches.

rcmp outside jessica yaniv simpsons condo

Later in the evening, RCMP were seen outside his condo. At 7:03, the first officer arrived, followed by a second officer nine minutes later. Two minutes later an ambulance arrived, and at 7:18 pm the police and ambulance entered the building. The RCMP left by 7:30, and at 7:35 Yaniv was wheeled on out a stretcher in a reclined position, breathing oxygen and covered by a blanket. Notably, he was not on a backboard, nor was his neck immobilized.

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Is Jessica Yaniv Simpson Feigning Whiplash?

Late last night, I received a message from a friend of MeowMix that Yaniv was overheard at the hospital talking about “severe whiplash”. Yaniv was spotted in a mask but no neck brace, and he was upright, walking around, and alert. No further details were given. He was also in good enough condition to send this to his teenage girl friends via Snapchat, complete with teenage girl filters.

Self declared champion of women’s rights Jessica Yaniv Simpson calls another woman a bitch.

Anyone else smell a new scam coming? “Oh my God, I was rear ended by a freight train at a bazillion miles per hour and my neck has stage 348732647326437 whiplash!”

I guess JY thinks whiplash is like it is on TV where you hop out of the car and grasp your neck in pain. Dumbass.

ICBC is in the process of switching to a no-fault insurance plan. Unfortunately, this isn’t fully implemented until 2021, and there is still a $5,500 (maximum) cap for soft tissue damage that JY is going to try to sniff out. Realistically, his medical costs will be covered, physio (warn everyone!), and maybe some lost wages, but those will be proportionate to his actual provable wages earned before the accident.

Now, we’re not saying JY is committing fraud here, but if we were, we would probably go to this link and click a few buttons on the ICBC fraud reporting page (hint hint).

It’s funny that JY would complain about anyone’s driving habits. After all, there’s this video from MeowTube:

And this…

And this…

And this…

And this…

Oh Jonathan, if you put half as much work into being a decent human as you do in trying to con people you might actually have a stable income.