Jessica Yaniv Simpson Campaign Update 4: Unhinged

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s SFSS VP Equity and Sustainability campaign has been wild so far, as covered in our previous chapters. Now that voting is open and JY is getting a reality check about how much people hate them, things are only getting better – for us.

jessica yaniv simpson

The pictures below speak for themselves, but JY is up to the usual antics – attacking women by calling them bitches, claiming to be a victim of discrimination, and attempting to talk themselves up as if they have some kind of power.

Oh and a lawsuit.

This isn’t surprising. Inside sources told MeowMix that Yaniv has personally threatened every other member of SFSS council with lawsuits and other intimidation tactics.

We also know Jessica Yaniv Simpson was called before a board of inquiry by SFU to investigate the death threats he made against other studentsat which time JY told the disciplinary board that he didn’t say these things, and that someone was impersonating him on Discord. Sure Jan.

First up in todays screenshots, more generic campaign ads. Boring, plagiarized shit from the internet, and promises he couldn’t possibly keep under any circumstances.

You’re the only one that people call stupid here Jon.

What a great campaign lol. PS…Jon, you took four years to get a two year diploma and you had a special ed handler in school. Quit talking about other people being stupid.

And then he started unraveling…

Maybe because SFSS and SFU know you’re a convicted criminal, you’re campaigning with a fake picture to catfish people, and you’re lying in your bio? Everyone knows who you are Jon. Check that bio out though. Queer, Indigenous, disabled, low-income, discriminated against, aspiring lawyer, claiming 6 majors and a minor. Oh and the biggest whopper – “woman”. I wonder why they left out that they’re a pedophile that likes to touch minors while they have seizures and they ask 9-year-old girls to help them masturbate. Seems like something that should be on Jessica Yaniv’s bio.

And then Jonny tries to have everyone else disqualified. I guess the only way Jon could ever win is by default. This loser has never won a thing in their life any other way. Expedia? Default. Early waxing wins? Default. Kwantlen student officer position? Unopposed. The only victory Yaniv has ever has was when they were unopposed.

Screenshots below are a bit overlapping but grouped together this way to show what he was getting at. Can you say sore loser? “Its rigged”. Idiot. Nobody likes you JY. Deal.

“A staff member called Niloo”, who he refers to “that bitch” below. Nice Jon.

PS…several people have reported your dog to BC Security Programs. Why do you think you’re being investigated?

Note…hours later JY deleted the tweets calling her “that bitch” and bragging about a lawsuit. Is he morning drinking again?

It’s probably because nobody wants to talk with you Jon, and SFSS members are advising everyone to stay away from you. You threatened them all, you emailed them personally, and you harass them, but you expect them to treat you like you’re peers or friends? That isn’t how the world works. That isn’t how the world treats pedophiles.

“Never said that actually”….Jons go-to lie. We all know the truth. You’ve been convicted of uttering death threats and you don’t stop. Weak response though. If you were as tough as you claim you’d take credit for it. Pussy.

A degree in trolling will get them further then your Kwantlen degree ever got you.

Just what people want in a candidate for VP Equity and Sustainability – someone who calls women bitches, attacks other candidates, and brags about bashing groups.

(Nobody was actually asking Jon anything)

The subtle “you could contact someone with IT experience to trouble shoot the problem” is a great dig at Jon. Brilliant!

And here we have a genuine gender-diverse candidate running against Jon, with an actual platform and message. How does Jon react? By attacking her. Nice! Goes along with what Jon has said in the past about hating other trans people.

And this Facebook comment on another post by Balquees, a woman who seems to have her own personal vendetta against SFSS that Jon is trying to team up with. And failing.

Voting is open for VP Equity right now. MeowMix prediction: JY gonna be maaaad. It’s hilarious. The downside is that he’ll lash out at other students and cause problems for them. That won’t go well for him though. If they haven’t published his platform, and they are ignoring his emails, it’s because there are talks going on behind closed doors about him, which means SFU Legal and HR are involved, which means they’re already expecting and prepared for Job to do what John does. Let’s just hope it’s minor, like a lawsuit, and not actually touching a minor like he dreams of doing.