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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Campaign Update 3

Following up on yesterday’s article, where we saw that Jessica Yaniv Simpson was wandering SFU property with a young girl, posting rapey campaign ads, and had already been dinged for violating campaign rules, today’s post re-analyzes Yaniv’s campaign odds (with new information!), and we hear what real students think SFSS priorities should be. Make sure you check out the devastating news for Yaniv at the end, and MeowMix’s new campaign predictions.

Campaign Priorities vs. Real Student Priorities

Yaniv’s campaign is as bloated as he is – and just as far out-of-touch with reality, we’ve learned. The snapshot below shows what he’s promised. But does this align with what students want?

Students we’ve spoken to say that none of these things are high on their wish list. Instead, they wish that SFU would improve the Wi-Fi connectivity throughout campus, saying it’s often unreliable and slow. Funny the tech expert didn’t mention that.

They also point out that SFU has spent millions of dollars on a new stadium and they’re the only school in Canada with an NCAA sports program. The locker rooms in these facilities are amazing. Students say the regular lockers around campus are mostly unused but perfectly fine. Nobody complains about locker security.

This seems to support previous comments that Yaniv’s promises are more about his personal grievances and completely unrelated to what real students want.

Campaign Ads

Sources say Yaniv has posted ads around campus trying to paint himself as a “law and order” candidate. The locker room “breakins” ad is laughed at, and he’s posted another where he states SFU should have permanently-posted RCMP officers. None of the students we’ve spoken with support this. The only comments about safety revolve around staying safe from Jon Yaniv. Rumour is that RCMP poster had to be taken down as well.

He still hasn’t learned how to proofread his material, which is ironic considering he posted this a few months ago:

I guess the “proof read (correct: proofread) and preview before you send out marketing communications” doesn’t apply to him, which is ironic considering what’s coming up next.

Social Media Presence

Yaniv started the day complaining about “bullying”, alleging that people standing up to his pro-rape ads were bullies. He doubled down on the “queer woman” card, hoping it would come across as trendy and prop him up. It failed. And then he added that he has multiple disabilities and invented a new one – severe dyslexia.

Personally I think that’s insulting to people with dyslexia to write off mistakes as a disability or mental condition. JY’s mistakes are mistakes made by a person with no marketing skills, no attention to detail, and a lack of intelligence. These are not mistakes caused by dyslexia. I guess Yaniv can now claim the Anti-Dyslexia position in his campaign.

He followed that up with an attack on author (and other things…) Erika Lust and her book Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide. This book is often featured in gender/women studies/sexuality programs at universities, something JY is attending. He claims its a rape guide, and calls Erika Lust a pro-rape author. None of the screenshots JY shows promote rape, but it’s worth pointing out that Yaniv has a well-documented obsession with sexual assault.

He went on to compare this book to SOGI 123. It takes the brain of a pedophile to mix up gender indoctrination for minors with a book written by an adult for other adults. I guess the pedo-brain can’t distinguish the two.

Last, in an effort to build some street cred (I think?) Yaniv tried to hint that he was at an early morning blockade of the TMX tank farm construction site. None of the pictures show him, and he didn’t post any content showing himself there, which he would have done if he was. I call bullshit, but here is taking credit for work he didn’t do (again).

How bold and brave! To drive by and swear at them! I bet he doesn’t have the guts to go face to face with those same construction workers and say that stuff.

The Race

MeowMix posted yesterday that Yaniv stood a good chance of being the only candidate in the race and winning by acclamation. We are happy to announce this isn’t the case. There are at least five candidates in total, and rumour is at least one of the others is trans or non-binary, which removes Yaniv’s ability to blame a defeat on transphobia.

SFSS is likely releasing all candidate names and their platforms soon, but our source says at least two of the students are well known on campus and have widely-supported platforms and name recognition.

MeowMix Predictions

Based on current information, Yaniv’s chance of winning now sits at 0.0%.