Jessica Yaniv Simpson Vexatiously Calls Police; Claims to File a Human Rights Complaint

Jessica Simpson AKA Jessica Yaniv once again vexatiously called police and allegedly had a tantrum, threatened self-harm as per their SnapChat post and hung up alleging further profanity and verbal abuse to the E-Comm operator. We hope that the Township of Langley’s counsel and Police Services Manager Joelle Clelland take note of this!

Prior to First Responders visiting JYS’ condo, JYS alleged to have called Langley RCMP making unsubstantiated claims that some “asshole” was generating posters in the community to pretend to be from the RCMP. Over the past week, Meow Mix has learned from locals of “Community Safety Alert” posters in nearby retail hubs, but since we’re not local, we cannot verify the magnitude of any such campaign or what poster(s), if any, JYS eluded to.

So JYS, likely getting a run around from their procedures to deal with the vexatious calling, needs to extort the situation by alleging to the SnapChat audience that they threatened self-harm before telling them off. Sounds like a real authentic emergency!

We then roll forward an hour where I see that two RCMP cruisers and an ambulance arrived. After consorting with one another prior to entering, they patiently await to enter JYS’ second floor condominium. Minutes later, RCMP then appear to leave first followed by the paramedics who surprisingly leave without the hypochondriac and suicide-for-attention-seeker in tow. But lord behold, the Yaniv matriarch is observed arriving via the side door. What a waste of scarce public resources when there are real emergencies out there, especially in this pandemic where the risks for these folks is of greater magnitude and this is how JYS treats these first brave responders who risk so much to protect us?! Karma hopefully pays JYS back real soon.

Following the first responder dramatics, JYS takes to SnapChat again with obnoxious filters and a banner stating, “Fuck Langley RCMP”. It’s not very nice to say about law enforcement, especially as they’re working to find a way to convince the BC Prosecution Service to charge JYS with a number of charges for this vexatious, frivolous and mischievous behaviour. But wait, weren’t they JYS’ friends 7-8 months ago when all those business cards were flashed? Then again, JYS is an alleged cop-hater at heart after making threats inferring fallen officer, Constable Heidi Stevenson, deserved her fate. Watch below on Tik Tok.

If you watch the chat, I am convinced JYS is wearing a “JY Knows IT” top. But there was something about a “small thingy”- couldn’t quite make out that jargon, but will accept “small thingy” at face value. JYS claims it was over a “fused hip”, which I doubt there’s any medical information to support and the ICBC Adjuster overseeing the accident claim might be very invested to document tonight’s events.

At the end, JYS tells these “jerks” so-to-speak have had a Canadian Human Rights Complaint (Federal Jurisdiction) filed against them in their caisvitg as RCMP officers. I guess JYS filed online to the Canadian Human Rights Commission immediately after paramedics left. The complaint and its context cannot be very good quality, but it demonstrates further JYS is a menace who is abusing our legal system for revenge.