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UPDATED: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Bares All

Feb 12 Update

Last night, February 11, Jessica Yaniv Simpson decided it was a good time to share his “vagina” with the world.

The Twitter world has erupted in shock, disgust, and celebration that a predator has castrated himself. Yaniv, on the other hand, thinks he’s somehow won something.

jessica yaniv simpson

He thinks he squashed the fake trans comments? No he didn’t. If anything they’re amplified. Having the surgery does not make one more or less real than the next person. In this case it makes him more insane and desperate for attention. Nobody actually thinks Yaniv’s freshly crafted industrial accident is a real vagina.

Except him, I guess.

No Jon. It isn’t. It’s a post-op nightmare that will require extensive treatment and never look right. It’s a dehisced, hyper-granulated wound full of non-viable yellow tissue that will never heal right. It will probably require chemical or surgical debridement.

You were aiming for a coin slot pussy and didn’t even manage to get an axe wound. You went straight to sewage trench. In fact, some on Twitter are wondering if some of the skin discolouration in the picture is yellow bruising or brown….

“Can have sex” and “will have sex” are entirely different things. Nobody is ever going to touch that except Jonathan Yaniv himself.

Quick note…leave it to the pedophile to include “girls” in the “can have sex” conversation…

It takes a special level of stupid for someone to think that this is a success. Whatever miniscule chance of a career Yaniv hoped he may have one day, or chance at being a respected “activist” have just been shot out the window for good. This isn’t what normal people do.

It’s also pretty handy evidence for lawyers against Yaniv when describing his character and motivations. Here, Your Honour, is a clearly insane, delusional person. When Yaniv claims that he’s never been “lewd”, lawyers will pull this up as exhibit A.

Normal people don’t do this. Yaniv spread his legs and showed the world more than just his infected wound. He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s unstable and mentally ill. There are no limits to what he will do for attention and validation. This is a man that takes nothing off the table. This is a man that will hurt people one day.

The only thing Yaniv has proven is that there’s no lengths he won’t go to in order to win. This is a man that chopped off his own dick just to set himself up for future wins. I guarantee you Wax My Balls 2.0 is coming, and who knows what else. This isn’t proof that Yaniv is a real trans person. It’s proof that Yaniv is a monster.

Brace yourself folks. We’re in for some real fun ahead.

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Evening, February 11, 2021.

Quick note… I’m pushing this out quickly from my phone. I’ll update tomorrow as we learn more.

We’ve tried reverse image searching with no results, and those dirty fingernails look like his. The body type is right, as is the (puke) hair colour.

Brace yourself. This is the blurred version. We’ll add some more commentary on tomorrow’s update.

PS… That isn’t his doctor tagged in the tweet. It’s a random ASIAN (OF COURSE) doctor. This is just Yaniv forcing his kink onto everyone. Some might even call this sexual assault. At the very least it’s incredibly creepy, perverted, and intrusive.

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