Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Awkward and Out of Place

Jessica Yaniv Simpson never seems to get it – they’re unwanted. There have been a few minor events over the last few days that inspired me to write this short piece to highlight just how out of place Yaniv is. To take it a step further, it highlights Yaniv’s annoying habit of shoving himself into situations and groups where he’s allowed, but not welcome, and he can’t tell the difference. Or maybe he can, and he gets off on it. Either way…


SFU350 describes themselves as “a student-led club at Simon Fraser University (SFU) that works to engage the SFU community on- and off-campus in tackling climate change”. Yaniv recently joined this club, taking advantage of their open door policy and ease-of-access. Normally this would be of no interest, but SFU350 was recently awarded the 2022 Chancellors Distinguished Service Award. If you check that link, you’ll see a picture of the students. Yaniv is nowhere to be found. This is because the award was for work completed prior to this – obviously. You don’t receive awards for future work.

Yaniv joined SFU350 after the group completed the work for which they awarded, but this didn’t stop him from injecting himself into their awards ceremony. How do I think this happened? I think he joined the SFU350 group online, looking for friends/victims. When the award was announced, the group celebrated and Yaniv happened to be part of it. When the award ceremony invitations went out, all members of the club were invited, and Yaniv – lacking any self-awareness or dignity – decided to be part of it. Not only did he attend the event awarding the group for work that he contributed zero to, he WENT ON STAGE WITH THEM TO ACCEPT IT.

Do these faces look familiar? They’re all part of the same picture on the award website – except this one below.

Nice look by the way. Courthouse dress, Asics shoes, greasy pink hair, multiple lanyards (although not the same ones as the rest of the club), sunglasses and a jacket indoors, and that face.

There’s my first example of Yaniv shoving him into a situation that he’s *ALLOWED* in to but has no business being part of. Jon, what made you think this was appropriate or normal?

Amanda Todd

Keeping this short out of respect for Amanda and Carol. Yaniv keeps comparing himself to Amanda, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s far more similar to Aydin Coban, her sextortionist predator. He’s done this numerous times in the past. He also ignores the fact that the Amanda Todd Legacy Society has partnered with MeowMix to raise money and awareness in the past.

Yaniv seems proud to show off his lack of self-awareness. A person with his reputation should be steering clear of the nearly saintlike Amanda Todd name, but he keeps shoving himself into the story. He recently “celebrated” Coban’s guilty plea and sentencing, and tagged Carol Todd in posts about the story, as if she didn’t already know.

Dude, she knows, and if you had an ounce of dignity or class you’d stay away from this story, but you don’t. To be clear Jon, you are FAR closer to Aydin Coban than you ever will be to AT.


Minor addition, but despite Chelsko (an American actress, singer, and songwriter) disavowing Yaniv and calling him inappropriate, and cutting him off years ago, Yaniv still gloats about her being one of his “clients” (note that he was never paid…he simply tried to pull a Cimorelli with her and her young female fanbase).

To this day, he often tags her in social media posts, and comments on things about her, completely oblivious to the fact that she doesn’t want him around and thinks he’s a creep. Take the hint pal.

Char Millington

Which brings us to this past weekend. Char Millington, a long time friend of MeowMix, healthcare worker, and pageant icon was recently awarded Canada Galaxy Pageant’s 2022 Miss Congeniality award. Great for her!

Until Yaniv tried to taint it.

Sounding a little bitter Jon? Could it be because Canada Galaxy Pageants rejected your application, and your efforts to take the pageant to the Canadian Human Rights Commission failed? Are you jealous of Char’s pageant success, her career, her social circle, and her election to be Hospital Employees’ Union executive?

We get it, you’re jealous, but you have no business commenting. This is the entire point of this article Jon, and I know you read MeowMix daily. You *can* comment on Char Millington’s post, but a classy person wouldn’t. You’re just butthurt and jealous.

You *can* comment about Amanda Todd, but if you did any kind of self-reflection you would realize that you shouldn’t. Even if you can’t see your own faults, you should respect Carol Todd. But you don’t. You’re just envious of the attention the story, and Amanda, got. You’re sick.

You *can* join environmental clubs and kudos to them for being polite to you and inviting you to participate, but every single person who saw that ceremony or the pictures afterwards cringed at you. You ruined their picture, and for some, the entire night. You don’t belong there. You’re going to be a project for SFU Photoshop students to practice cropping pictures on now and for what reason? Attention.

Do you see a pattern Jon? These are just recent events. When will you learn that being allowed to do something isn’t the same as being invited to do it. In fact, look at your life. Look at the lack of invitations to social events, the lack of engagement on your social media, and the size of your social circle. That is how welcome you are in society.

Instead, you take advantage of rules allowing you to go to places and make everyone there uncomfortable. That’s one more thing that makes you a predator. You prey on Carol Todd, Chelsko, SFU350, and Char Millington, because there are rules allowing you to, and you lack any self-awareness or intelligence to be anything better.