Jessica Yaniv Simpson August Wrap-Up

Wrap up….if only Jack had done that. I apologize for being a few days late here folks. Jessica Yaniv Simpson is like a fountain of phlegm that never dries up.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s August Chaos

The last we saw of Jessica Simpson, formerly known as Jessica Yaniv,
formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, in August was when he was speeding away in Miriam’s car from the Surrey Courthouse on August 31, dodging an attempted interview by YouTube personality Mark SJW Hughes. It should also be noted that many friends of Meow Mix who were at the Court to bear witness (no matter how hard the Yaniv’s tried to have them expelled) were all taken aback by their latest fashion statement – mother and son were both wearing virtually the same loud, floral dress. It was like a scene from a very famous psychological, horror movie.

While August ended on the pause button for two of Yaniv’s court cases,
the final month of summer was hardly on pause for the violently, vexatious

Mother and son started the month by burning gas, not the calories that Yaniv needs to be eligible for GRS surgery, driving around and tearing down warning posters put up by members of the local LBGTQ community. We understand that the community has decided to act in response to the lack of any real action by local law enforcement who seem to treat the Yanivs more as a nuisance than a real danger to minors and the community.

The third day of the month saw another bomb threat claim made by JYS (Jessica Yaniv Simpson) online, although our onsite Strata correspondent first tweeted that the RCMP had been called because of a loud, violent fight between Miriam and her son. The bomb threat was only raised by Yaniv when they arrived. The RCMP took the claim so seriously that they did not bother to evacuate the Strata even though nearly everyone was exposed to potential danger watching another edition of the Yaniv family drama from their balconies. They were, however, yelled at by JYS as Miriam was loaded into an ambulance for a leg injury. Did he cause that leg injury?

August 6 was a very busy day for JYS, which saw him not only illegally livestreaming for 17 minutes from a women’s gym while he pretended to work out on an exercise bike (we all hope that there was no one in either
the change room or showers when he went to use them), but also
“reporting” about the fire that broke out in his Strata. We are not sure if he used his body cam or cell phone to get the footage but he certainly seemed to enjoy pointing his cameras into his neighbours’ units.

As usual for the Yanivs, in trying to become the centre of attention, they began interfering with the fire department. Miriam called the RCMP on them for doing their job and not letting her into her son’s building until the fire was out and it was safe. Meanwhile a Yaniv sock account began to blaming the fire on Donald Smith even though the fire department had already declared the fire non criminal and likely to have started as a cooking fire.

The fire however, created two questionable financial opportunities for JYS. The first was a GoFundMe page for a local RCMP officer who lives in the
Strata and, although no damage was done to his unit (nowhere near the units that had smoke & water damage), Jonathan filed an insurance claim.

The GoFundMe page was quickly taken down after enormous blowback online (remember his Cops for Cancer scam) and many complaints to GFM about the legitimacy of the page. It was after the GFM page was shut down that Yaniv suddenly discovered his unit had been damaged despite initially
tweeting that his unit was not damaged.

We do not know how the insurance claim will be or is settled. We do know that he had been talking about some renovations prior to the fire and that when he went to a local Facebook group as Jessica Simpson looking for a contractor, any contractor who responded was warned not only about Yaniv’s reputation but given advice to be paid up front.

In addition, the group members demanded that he be expelled from the group AGAIN, just as he had been expelled from the group when he was Yaniv, not Simpson. It seems changing his name did not ensure his sordid reputation would not follow him. Days later, Yaniv was expelled from the group.

Strata residents were startled on the morning of August 7 by the arrival of
a mobile shredding company at Yaniv’s unit. Speculation was rife that he
was either destroying evidence prior to the following week’s court
appearances or cleaning out his collection of child porn. (Editor: perhaps his underwear is too crusty for the wash. He simply shreds it and buys new stuff?) But, as many MeowMix readers pointed out, even though his hard drives might be shredded, his online history is forever, even though he has filed many false DMCA claims in an effort to hide his damaging and possibly criminal activities and to try to learn the identities of his critics. HI JONBOY!

August 7 also saw Yaniv tweet about organizing a protest for the following
day at the Fraser Health centre for “refusing to to serve LGBTQ2S+
individuals”. While he never said what health service was denied, Fraser
Health has a long history of serving the community, despite Yaniv’s claims, and many from the community came to its defense.

We do note however, that there is a lice clinic at that address, and based on the picture that Yaniv posted it looks like the two health workers (both women of colour) had to call security. Was Yaniv threatening more violence? We do know that the protest demonstration never happened. No one answered Yaniv’s call to action – not even Miriam.

And yet, on the following day, August 8, Jonathan posted a short video of
him in a public massage chair which many who viewed suspected that he
was using the chair to publicly masturbate while others were blowing up
pictures of his head to confirm the presence of the lice.

August 11 saw another loss in the JYS malicious prosecution against
disabled independent reporter, Donald Francis Smith. A teleconference call
took place between Smith’s legal counsel, the current Crown prosecutor
and a pre-trial judge. The judge purportedly called out the Crown
prosecutor for allegedly being “pressured” by JY to prosecute Smith.

Many have speculated that JYS was was pressuring Crown counsel with
the repeated victim narrative and claims of threats against his life (i.e. the
infamous bomb threats). The judge reminded Crown counsel that they have
full discretion on their ability to prosecute, which should not be unfairly or
impartially biased, so to speak, by Yaniv.

The next big event for Yaniv’s August calendar was August 14 when (via
telephone) his lawsuits against both Kari Simpson and Donald Smith were
heard. The day did not go as well as JYS had hoped. He had to withdraw
Kari’s case (good bye $35,000) under instructions from the judge but refused
to withdraw the one against Donald Smith – once more proving his
pathological fixation on Smith.

jessica yaniv simpson

But the legal day wasn’t over for Jonathan. Amy Hamm’s lawyer filed an
application on August 14 seeking costs payable to Hamm, or an order that
Yaniv fork over a $5,000 bond for costs within 30 days The purpose? To
simply make Yaniv put his money where his vexatious mouth was before
proceeding any further in court with his counterclaim against Amy for

It had been a tough week legally so it looks like the Yanivs decided to relax
and spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon at English Bay, despite JYS being in
fear of his life from Donald Smith. But the Yanivs being the Yanivs, the
Sunday stroll quickly devolved into a confrontation with a street preacher and other onlookers (body and cell cameras at the ready for future legal action). What is particularly interesting is that many of the onlookers could be clearly heard on various videos yelling at the Yanivs to leave. There is also a strong suspicion that this confrontation may have been set up to allow even more lawsuits.

After the traumatic events of the weekend, it appears that Yaniv did what
he usually does to make himself feel better – he filed more lawsuits, but only
after getting the filing fees waived due to “poverty”. Since the BC Court system believes Jonathan’s claims of poverty and his questionable financial statements, he has replaced the BCHRT with the BC Provincial Court as his preferred vehicle to legally harass anyone who he feels has wronged him. Yaniv is a grievance collector.

Grievance collectors have a long, violent history of being dangerous to any
community. Walnut Grove and Langley should be grateful that, despite
Yaniv’s claims of having a lot of guns, he doesn’t. Or, at least not legal
ones. He has however, in the past boasted of line about getting a gun from
the US, and shared pictures of various handguns he would like to own with his friends.

The first lawsuit re: filed was a counterclaim to Amy Hamm. What is
particularly note worthy about this filing is that he filed it under his new
legal name of Jessica Simpson. If Jonathan had hoped to escape the toxic
mess he made of the name Yaniv, he quickly found out how wrong he was.

The online community quickly responded by linking the two names
whenever and however they could so that when parents googled Jessica
Simpson to see who their children were on Snapchat with, not only would
Jessica Simpson the celebrity come up, but so would Simpson, formerly
known as Yaniv. The same thing would come for any potential employer or
other interested parties if they googled Jessica Simpson. It would just
take longer for people to make the Yaniv connection and be totally repulsed.

On August 19, the Yanivs decided to return a call to a spammer convinced
that it was Donald Smith. During that call which was recorded (a copy is
on MeowMix and was made available to Donald Smith’s legal team while the original was turned over the appropriate law enforcement agencies)

Jonathan claimed to own several guns and was going to put a bullet in Smith’s head, once again proving just how stupid he really is. Remember, he is going to be sentenced for illegal weapons possession on September 21 at
9:30, yet he was captured saying than he had several guns and making
death threats multiple times.

Meanwhile the street preacher story continued apace with the Yanivs
trying to insert themselves into the story to the point where Justin
who had his leg broken during a later scuffle with the preacher
tweeted on August 25 that Yaniv had nothing to do with him or the incident
and, in fact, finds Yaniv “frankly contemptible”.

Around the same time, a Twitter account some think is a well informed troll who may be working with JYS or is a sock account with Yaniv himself writing the tweets, posted the following tweet which was quickly deleted when it was pointed out that it could be considered extortion or blackmail.

But it did fit with Yaniv’s “it is all about the money” behaviour and using threats of legal action to try to manipulate people. Also, while everyone was still calling him “Yaniv” or “Simpson formerly know as Yaniv”, this tweet just uses the initials JS.

The final week of August was extremely busy legal week for Jonathan from
filing a civil suit against the three aestheticians (a story that dozens of Canadian national news sources posted after reading it on MeowMix first!) that the BCHRT ordered him to pay $6,000, to also suing the Township of Langley over “endangerment”, to ending the week having both the Rebel Media assault charges and his illegal weapons sentencing postponed until September so that the judge could review his psychologist assessment.

It is worth noting the enormous amount of criticism that erupted after
MeowMix released the story, not only online but also in the National Post,
Vancouver Sun and other traditional media. It was so bad that JYS even
wrote a letter rather than being interviewed to the National Post to explain
why he launched the action but he came off looking even worse. He should
have just taken the interview.

Plus, it made many dig into his claims and raised even more questions about whether he had indeed paid the ladies the ENTIRE amount owed – not just the $6,000 for damages but also whatever else was owed for costs AND interest since he had refused to pay for several months.

The Amy Hamm legal action was also delayed as it is now going directly to
discovery as Jonathan had requested a delay. He had another legal matter
that he had to attend to which overlapped the time as the initial hearing to
have his countersuit against Amy dismissed.

The other legal matter was a settlement conference with the legal team of the physiotherapy clinic where Yaniv’s weight actually broke a therapy able. Based on an updated CSO, it is now known that Yaniv received small amount of “go away” money from the insurers of the clinic but no where near what he as asking for. It may be just enough to pay off the interest he owes on his credit cards now that CERB has ended and he has to resume making mortgage payments this month.

MeowMix has also learned that in anticipation of CERB ending, he has
filed a Work Safe BC claim and has stated that the can’t work at any job
because of harassment (transphobia). To be clear, JYS’ job of pouring
liquor samples for shoppers came to an abrupt end with COVID and will not
resume in the new normal. He is in the same boat as many other workers
who handed out free food and beverage samples at grocery stores in the gig
economy. The difference is that he owns two tech companies JYKnows it
and TrustedNerd
which are still supposedly operating. (Editor: we use the word operating loosely here…Neither business has been profitable in at least two years).

JYS ended the month with two eye rolling posting which made people
wonder about just how stupid Yaniv really was or how tenuous his grip on
reality is. The first one had him demanding that the Town of Langley
reopen their pools despite his history of topless pool parties for minors
and the fact he was suing them. The second was him claiming that the
Langley RCMP detachment commanding officer was reassigned because
of his complaints about how the detachment was treating him. In truth, the
CO was reassigned due to some internal scandal that had nothing to do
with Yaniv.

Finally, I want to close on a personal note and recommend those who wait
for the monthly summary to please start watching Abby’s Weekly Wrap
while waiting for the monthly summary. Abby’s astute analysis and
frequent, hilarious observations are a welcome addition to MeowMix as
we try to keep up with the antics of our favourite Langley predator and his
psychotic mother.

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