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Jessica Yaniv Simpson August 2021 WrapUp

August was relatively quiet month for Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Twitter now seems to be reserved for tweeting virtuous quotes, retweets of notices from the BC Court system, vapid legal threats, complaints about broken ice cream machines and of course, stalking Donald Francis Smith.

Editor Note: The WrapUps will be evolving over the next couple months. We’re still working out what this will look like exactly, but the WrapUps will be a quick rundown of the months MM articles, along with links, and then a catch-up on the months gossip, rumours, and jokes. This decision reflects the fact that a lot of what Jonny has been doing lately isn’t worth it’s own full article but we still want to capture the event or the message and document it. MeowMix started as a compilation site and continues to serve that purpose.

However, this month’s Twitter provided two interesting insights. One – Yaniv has started hiding replies to his tweets, especially those that talk about him going to jail. And, secondly, his retweeting of the BC Court system posts. He obviously thinks that lawyers are going to see his retweets and thinks that has made him a member of the BC legal fraternity. Not quite.

In a real law office, the lawyer(s) would not see them. Their secretaries would flag the posts and adjust their bosses’ schedules, etc. accordingly. Actually, it wouldn’t even be the secretaries. More like the file clerk – the one who also did the coffee and food runs before COVID.

The one highlight of the month was Yaniv announcing that he had been admitted to UBC and was on his way to being accepted by their highly respected and almost impossible to get into law school, Allard. He still posts daily virtue quotes, occasional complaint and threats on Facebook as well as making sock harassment accounts on SnapChat, TikTok and Instagram.  

August started with the various Yaniv Family criminal trials scheduled for the month being delayed. The criminal charges hearing against Miriam and Ilana were postponed until September 3 because they had a new lawyer, Mo Vayeghan. The following day, Jonny also requested a trial delay because he, too, had a new lawyer. While the new lawyer was not named, many suspect it is the same lawyer his mother and aunt retained. An appearance was scheduled for August 18 where the actual trial date was set for February 11, 2022.

August 4, Rebel Media filed their response to Yaniv’s BC Supreme Court lawsuit. It makes hilarious reading as do the fund-raising social media posts by Rebel. Jonny may think he is going to get a big payoff from Rebel, but he is the gift that just keeps giving to their bottom line. Expect the best courtroom histrionics seen in a BC courtroom in years.

August 10 saw the final instalment of the Arianna leaks. There was no immediate response from Jonny, none was expected except on the 29th he finally tweeted that Arianna was a 60-year-old psychotic transphobic. When that did not get a response, he tweeted that Arianna was trailer trash. Still no response from Twitter except to remind everyone to reread her parting letter and post it with even more scathing remarks. Why did it take Jonny almost 3 weeks to respond? Why not just ignore it?

Meanwhile, screenshots of a July text exchange that Miriam had with a Vancouver Island realtor and MeowMix fan was sent to us. The complete story, including racist remarks about the RCMP, the clan’s plans to move to Nanaimo to escape Jonny notoriety, Miriam losing her hearing from the February RCMP “assault” (despite evidence that she has been deaf for at least a decade) and in line with their previous history of doctor shopping using the Nanaimo Hospital was published on August 11.  As their notoriety grows, they have stopped doing many things locally. Jonny for example, took his dog and trainer to the Maple Ridge PetSmart for a training session. 

August 12 was a manic social media day for Jonny. He took to Twitter to announce that he was suing the Well Health Colebrook Medical Clinic for “grossly discriminating against me on multiple occasions” Problem is, as any real legal advocate and soon to be Allard Law student would know, you initiate a complaint at the BCHRT. You do not “sue”. You sue in court. What a Freudian slip.

It is not about human rights and discrimination at all with Jonny. It is always about the money. Plus, his phony service dog was so badly behaved in the clinic waiting room that he was asked to leave before it further endangered any of the other patient in the waiting room. Yaniv, of course, responded by calling 911. The RCMP took stock of the situation and left after 10 minutes with Yaniv still not allowed to bring his untrained and out of control dog in, hence the BCHRT complaint.

Next after he was spotted at the Maple Ridge PetSmart with his “service dog” and “trainer” creating a disturbance, using, and breaking merchandise (and refusing to pay for the damages). He took to Twitter demanding that PetSmart turn a copy of their surveillance video over to him because someone was stalking him. Jonny, no one was stalking you. You made such a scene, and you are now so recognized now in the area, everyone who was in the store knew it was you and a couple of them immediately reached out to MeowMix. There is also some question as to whether his “trainer” is indeed PADS certified and registered to train service dogs or is just your standard family pet or dog trials trainer.

Many also questioned as to why Jonny made the demand on Twitter, rather than behaving as a legal professional and either calling or visiting the business. Did he run to the local Maple Ridge RCMP, and they told him to piss off? That very public episode encouraged the Langley Community Watch Association to produce and distribute a new warning poster about Jonny’s phony service dog scam.

Also, on August 12 it appears that Yaniv may have won a $5000 default decision against Expedia Canada after having gone to the Civil Resolution Tribunal. What is interesting about this claim is that Yaniv learned valuable lessons from the Strata lawsuits at the BC Provincial Court and has moved on to the CRT where he can apply for default judgements. He may not be able to get go away money anymore, but he can try to get the default judgement especially if the defendants do not immediately respond. It is expected that, rather than paying, Expedia filed for an appeal/extension or request that decision be cancelled. What is also interesting is that it is about Yaniv being fired. If it really was a case about being fired without cause and he had a case, this would have been heard in a civil court rather than a tribunal where he tried to do an end run around a corporation. Has Yaniv tried to collect yet and what was he told?

To finish up the day’s manic episode, Yaniv could not resist taking a swipe at Valerie Conroy of the Langley RCMP detachment.

August 1-12 pictures, screenshots

Yaniv gave everyone a good laugh on August 14 with his Tweet asking someone to buy him a shower curtain. First, Jonny we all know how shower aversive you are and the only reason you posted that tweet was to draw attention to you trying to move from studying law at home to actually going to a law school. Big hint Jonny, you will have to do better than publicly beg for a cheap shower curtain to intimidate the local businesses you are trying to extort. Actually, Jonny you spend way more on food delivery that is bad for your diabetes than that shower curtain costs. We looked it up – $29.99 + tax. Just another “look at me, look at me” post.

If Jonny’s misreading of court proceedings and then posting erroneous results and refusing to take them down and correct them is any indication of how he will do at law school, we should start a pool on how long before he is either expelled or flunks out. We are, of course, referring to his manic postings on both Facebook and Twitter about Donald Francis Smith being in an Alberta court starting on August 19 and continuing over the next two weeks.

August 19 also saw Jonny trying to make friends while claiming victimhood in solidarity with a tweeter who had a bad experience with a handyman, they had hired to finish building a dresser. Apparently, the handyman was caught watching porn while assembling the dresser. Yaniv immediately jumped in claiming that his cleaner (naming the cleaner, obviously hoping for payment) was transphobic and probably a crackhead.

He then went on to claim that he was physically afraid of her, which brought roars of laughter around the world. At 6 feet, almost 400 pounds, and with two criminal assault charges, he was afraid of a much smaller, probably immigrant women of colour? Right.) He then tried to make friends with the original tweeter until the tweeter was informed of Yaniv’s history and probably blocked him before thanking everyone for letting them know.

Showing how well he is managing his diabetes, Yaniv tweeted McDonalds Canada, wanting to know why their ice cream machine was still broken. He was pissed that he could not get a McFlurry to deal with his low blood sugar. He got very pissy when it was pointed out that most diabetics would drink fruit juice or eat protein, but not Jonny. He really is eating himself to death despite probably getting a very expensive (paid for by the BC taxpayers, of course) insulin pump. He was asking about insulin pumps on Facebook soooooo….

August 13-20 pics

Jonny continued his campaign of online harassment of the Langley RCMP detachment by posting a story on Facebook about a Kelowna Mountie being charged with assault and stating emphatically (exclamation point in case we missed it) that Cst. Gafka was next. Every time there is something negative about the RCMP that he can twist or cherry pick to support his and Miriam’s lies, he posts it. He does not seem to realize that it also documents a pattern of his behaviour for future use such as the sentencing reports expected in the two upcoming criminal assault cases as well as raises questions about his suitability or LinkedIn profile (which is a joke anyways) for any job that might apply for when potential employers do an internet search. Or, even when the various RCMP constables decide to countersue him for libel just as Amy Hamm did. We understand that case is still active.

August 25, once again on Facebook, Jonny posted that he was going to attend the local MLA’s Pop-Up office in the park the following day. Immediately concerned Langley residents and parents took to social media to warn constituents to not bring their children if they were planning to attend and to not use the nearby spray park that day. Wise advice considering Yaniv’s history with children and swimming pools. As it happened the event’s location was changed due to rain.

The reason that Yaniv wanted to drop by other than to leer at children in bathing suits, was to lobby the MLA to have the government pay for all transgender surgery, including top and voice like the Yukon. Jonny has complained about his whiny voice preventing him from getting good jobs in the past and really wants perky tits rather than his current droopy manboobs. Big hint Yaniv. Don’t try squeezing under arm fat into bras that are too small. Use tape. You might get a passable rack rather than the current fat roll.

August 21-25 pics

This of course, led to a tweet directed at the Yukon government on August 30 asking them to open a Vancouver office where he could work as a paralegal once he graduated from law school. He probably doesn’t realize how stupid that made him sound. His law school of choice, Allard does not have a paralegal program. Paralegal is a vocational, practical program done at places like Vancouver Community College. He thinks that he will be doing them a favour to work as a paralegal even though he will have a law degree and be a lawyer. End game? Why to get the Yukon Government to pay for his top and voice surgery, of course.

Starting on August 25 and continuing till the end of the month. with only time out to threaten to sue people, Jonny’s focus was trying to get Donald Smith arrested for breaching his release conditions. He shared contact information on social media and asked people to report DFS for, among other things, misgendering Jon, the male, Yaniv. As if the TPS didn’t have more important things to do than worry about whether or not Jonathan Yaniv’s feelings were hurt.

On the 27th, Yaniv announced on Twitter that he had been accepted into @UBC immediately followed by a tweet implying that he was on his way to their law school – Allard. Like many other “academic” announcements (Anyone remember the Social Justice University honorary doctorate), he failed to provide any basic proof such as the results of the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) or a letter of acceptance from either the University of BC or Allard. As many have pointed out Allard is notoriously difficult to get in. To start with, you require an undergraduate degree which Yaniv does not have or a perfect or near perfect GPA. Don’t forget it took him an extra year to get a community college DIPLOMA.

What many believe is that he was probably admitted to UBC’s Access Program as a mature student. It is a non-degree program with no prerequisites or transcripts required. On its website, UBC has posted that being admitted to UBC as an Access Studies student does not guarantee entrance to requested courses or subsequent admission to a degree program at UBC, although a student may be able to transfer course credits to a future UBC degree program, at the discretion of the faculty applied to.

In other words, Yaniv has been admitted to a program whose primary qualification is having a pulse and being able to speak, read and understand English. There is no way he will ever be admitted to Allard, no matter how much he cries Transphobia. But he can now legitimately say that he is a UBC student on all his Bio’s. He cannot say Law Student, although he does.

His LinkedIn Bio is instructive. He immediately updated it to include UBC BUT interestingly did not say what the area of studies was or what faculty he was in. The rest of his academic history is excruciatingly detailed right down to the listing that he graduated high school with “honors”. Two things – he did not spell honours the Canadian way, and he didn’t graduate with honours. Even with a special educational aide, he barely graduated with his class.

On the 29th, he posted a threat to sue or file a BCHRT complaint on every business that refused his service dog in training access. It became apparent that the latest Langley Crime Watch Association’s Yaniv warning poster about his service dog scam was either beginning to bite or that his dog was so badly behaved to the point where there is no way it could be considered to even have basic obedience training.

Twitter responded questioning which disability such as blindness he had that required him to have a trained service dog for daily living assistance. The answer was obviously none as he had been denied a trained and registered service dog, so he bought a puppy and declared it a service dog in training complete with Amazon dog vest. As more and more people pointed that out and asked others to report him, to either the BC Government or the Guide Dog Users Association of Canada, Jonny lost it calling his critics morons and threatening to sue. His usual bottom line whenever he starts losing an argument or is backed into a corner with truth and logic. We should all be happy that considering his anger management issues and proclivity towards violence, that he was just LARPing as a keyboard warrior that day.

August 25-31 pics

Yaniv ended the month claiming that he had won a major legal victory over his strata in his never-ending quest to discover the identity of Langley Resident. Except it wasn’t. It was just an acknowledgement letter or notice that JY complained. There is no decision, which raises the question about Jonny’s reading comprehension levels.

August finished with one of Jonny’s more egregious Donald Smith attack socks being suspended from Twitter after being reported numerous times for among other things targeted harassment.

Finally, one of the advantages of delaying this wrap up till after little long weekend vacay, was the opportunity to see that September has already started off with a bang for Jonny – more lawsuits, stalking, racism, food complaints, we will have the deets at the end of the month.

Suspected JY DFS Sock Account Screenshots. Could be someone else, could be JY.

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