jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Attacks Feminist Students on Snapchat

Before you get into this, remember that Jessica Yaniv Simpson declares itself to be a feminist and a human rights activist. More so, Yaniv says they are a woman.

Yaniv announced on Twitter a while back that they were watching this Zoom meeting. Turns out all he was doing was exposing more of his hatred towards women.

Note that the rotating heard “lol nah”, the laughing woman GIF, and the “What in the what now”? text was all adde by JY.

This one gets crude folks – be sure to watch right to the end. It will INFURIATE YOU.

Tell JY what you think of that in the comments below…I know what I think.

ICYMI – MeowMix is raising money to support the Amanda Todd Legacy Society this Christmas, with a small portion going towards covering our own costs. Please consider supporting this cause – it’s a heartbreaking story and it’s one that Jessica Yaniv himself has personally attacked and tried to block you from supporting. Click this link for details.