jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Trial Update

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s legal counsel appeared at BC Court today to request a deferred trial date for JY’s assault charges. It appears this was granted, as a trial has been scheduled for February 11, 2022.

I can only guess that Yaniv’s basis was mental health and a need for a service dog.

One can look at this a few different ways. First, you can be mad. Justice should not take this long. I can understand that sentiment. This should have been dealt with.

I prefer to see it as a series of really stupid decisions by Yaniv. Time isn’t going to lessen the consequences or make it go away. People often have trials years after the crime was committed and still receive big sentences – sometimes even prison time. Had Yaniv been smart, he would have dealt with this quickly. Whether or not he’s found guilty, he would have got it over with and the consequences dealt with. He’d likely even be nearly finished probation, if he had any. Let’s be real: JY is not looking at jail time.

Instead, he has six more months to wonder what will happen. It makes no sense to me. The dog won’t garner sympathy. It also opens the door for Yaniv to fuck up even more in the next six months and have those events factor into the judges decision.

Not a smart move on Yaniv’s part if you ask me. He may think he has a legal ace up his sleeve but he doesn’t. The courts are busy every single day. They will open this file up on Feb 11, 2022 and see it just the same as they would have if they saw it on August 20, 2021 or October 5, 2021 or July 6, 2027.

In some ways, I can understand why Crown counsel or a judge would grant this. It’s better to say you made every possible accommodation to the accused so there’s no risk of a mistrial.

At best, JY is delaying the inevitable. At worst, he’s opened the door wide open for things to get worse.

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