Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Charges: Lawyer Drama, Delays

On March 1, 2022, Jessica Yaniv Simpson appeared in court by phone in relation to their upcoming trial for (allegedly) assaulting Keean Bexte outside the Surrey Courthouse on January 13, 2020.

jessica yaniv simpson

In today’s hearing, JY was applying to dismiss his lawyer, J. Hung, and delay his trial yet again. There’s been some lawyer drama here but this is what we managed to get:

  • Jonathan originally retained Andrew Coulthard. When JY tried to pull the service dog scam, Coulthard was fixated on creating case law so his service dog could be granted access and JY said the regulations were already in place so there was no need to create case law. JY also added that Coulthard was unresponsive to his messages. JY fired Coulthard.
  • JY, via legal aid, was appointed defense attorney Mo Vayeghan. JY says he was extremely happy with Mo Vayeghan. Mo said fuck this, withdrew himself as counsel, and transferred the case to another lawyer, Sarah Grewal.
  • JY says Sarah Grewal did not assist him in his matter. Instead, she adjourned the trial and passed the case on to another lawyer.
  • This lawyer was J. Hung. She appeared in court today to apply to withdraw as counsel. JY spoke up, interrupting her and the court to insist that he explain himself so he “doesn’t sound like a absolute jerk“. His explanation was everything posted here, and that he had a new lawyer in mind. JY’s quote was that he wanted to provide additional information “why as such”. Keep trying, legal eagle.
  • JY said he wanted to hire lawyer Sudak Kashi because there were several incidents with Julia, but the Judge cut him off because it wasn’t relevant.
  • JY claimed that because so many lawyers dumped him in the past and adjourned his trial dates without his say, he struggled to find one to represent him by March 18.
  • He says he retained Patrick Johnston (possibly Johnson), a Vancouver defense lawyer after phoning “lawyer after lawyer after lawyer for days” and being rejected, but Johnson would need more time to go over the case before trial.

Remember – this is just for JY’s assault charge, not his civil cases or Elston-related criminal charges. It’s like the greater Vancouver area legal community is playing hot potato with a cold potato. Nobody wants JY near them. Could it be the diaper smell? Imagine that in your law office waiting room.

JY went on to add that he filed another application a couple days ago (but it was returned because he filed it improperly) to adjourn the case. He admitted that there have been a few adjournments but argued that Crown didn’t understand the complexities of the case and that many of the adjournments were out of his control.

Crown spoke up that they had been in contact with Johnson, and Johnson was surprised to hear about the number of lawyers Yaniv has already gone through. Crown stated that Johnson told them that he would likely NOT be able to represent Yaniv but they had considered it. He stated that if he did represent Yaniv, he would need an adjournment. Crown added that Johnson was surprised at the details Crown provided, stating that it didn’t match what JY had told him.

Also occurring at this hearing was an application by Crown to appoint a lawyer to cross examine Keean Bexte. Because Bexte is the victim and doesn’t have a lawyer himself, a lawyer could be appointed to cross examine him. The Judge stated it was problematic in both applications to get a lawyer in time for March 18, 2022.

During this time, while Crown was speaking, JY kept interrupting him and was scolded by the Judge for doing so, tell him to wait his turn. Our notes say the Judge was quite firm in doing this and seemed annoyed at JY.

Moving on, the Judge asked if JY had received the Crowns materials / particulars of the case, which JY says he had not (note that in past hearings his lawyers had received these).

JY tried to be lippy, using the lippy raised voice we all know, saying that he received the 2-year-old-application just two weeks ago, and that he hasn’t received particulars yet, saying “that’s how bad things are”. Jon, they’re bad because of you. Lawyers hate you as a client.

JY added that he has only asked for one adjournment and the rest were all caused by/requested by various lawyers. He says his one adjournment was because he was unable to sit after GRS surgery. He tried to ramble on about complications “caused by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority” but the Judge cut him off, asking him to clarify if he has received Crown’s application and particulars. Remember he previously said he received the application two weeks ago. This time he said he hasn’t received anything.

When asked why, Crown said it was all provided to J. Hung and should have been passed on to JY. They exchanged contact info and said it would be properly shared. Note that the emailed JY provided in court was the [email protected] email address.

The Judge scheduled a hearing for 9:30 am, March 4, 2022 to revisit and settle this.

JY was excited about this, saying, (our court attendee friend wrote this in quotes) “I actually have my moms matter at this same time in that room so I will be there”. He has his moms matter? He’s representing her? Curious wording.

JY has until March 4 to sort out whether or not Johnson will be his lawyer (JY says he is) and advise the court then. JY then added that he selected Johnson because he is aware of Bexte’s past and his conduct, and the damage Bexte allegedly causes. JY says that his defense is first and foremost built around Keean harassing people. The Judge said it would be helpful if Johnson would actually appear on Friday and speak to the matter then.

The Crown Prosecutor for this was Drew Beesley, who was very patient and calm, despite being interrupted several times by JY.