Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Charge Update

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, alleged pedophile and net drain on society, has had his trial for assaulting Keean Bexte rescheduled. This comes after his application to adjourn his originally scheduled trial date of today – June 25, 2021.

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His application – which MeowMix is working to obtain – is widely speculated to be because he has a puppy now and he is (falsely) saying it is a service dog as part of his latest plan to find new people to sue. You can read about that here, and find resources to report this here.

Yaniv’s trial, originally scheduled for one day, has been rescheduled to August 18 and 19, 2021, in room 101 at the Surrey Courthouse. MeowMix will have friends in attendance.

Honestly I don’t understand Jon’s issue here. He’s not facing jail time. No judge is going to lock him up. He’s very likely to get some kind of probation again, maybe community service or anger management therapy. If I was him I would want to get it over with. The Court isn’t going to be softer if he waits longer. If anything, he risks screwing up again and causing the court to take those actions into consideration. The sooner he faces this the better it is for him.

On the other hand, this extra times means we have more time to find more volunteers to attend the trial. And the parking lot. And the condo. And the Courthouse entrance.

UPDATE: As suspected, Yaniv applied to adjourn the trial because he’s got a service dog.

Seriously Jon, the longer you wait the worse your life gets. I don’t know why you’re even kicking around anymore.

jessica yaniv simpson

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Related Legal Update: the screenshot below is from CSO for Yaniv’s weapons possession charge. Note that this only shows Count #2 (cnt). Yaniv was originally charged with two counts of illegal weapons possession. He received a conditional discharge on count 1 and count 2 was stayed. My first guess (may public servant/legal advocate Jon Yaniv can correct me?) is that he satisfied his probation conditions and the charge was cleared from the record, but I have requested confirmation.