Jessica Yaniv Simpson Arrested, Charged After Terrorizing Miriam Yanivs Strata

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been terrorizing residents at Miriam Yaniv’s condo across the street for the past several months. In recent weeks this has escalated to include a vicious verbal assault against residents.

Yesterday, February 25, 2022, JY attempted to enter common areas at Miriam Yaniv’s condo with his fake service dog Rexy. Rexy, an untrained and out-of-control chocolate lab, was jumping on furniture and causing a scene, which led residents to insist that JY take the dog and leave.

JY protested, and an argument occurred between JY and residents. JY verbally attacked a resident and at some point the encounter became physical, although details are unclear.

JY freaked out and pulled the building fire alarm, forcing the elderly residents to evacuate. At least one was injured while stumbling around outside in the cold darkness.

Police and fire attended the scene and JY was promptly escorted from the building in cuffs, arrested, and charged for falsely pulling the fire alarm. He was released the same night. BC’s CSO is not yet updated.

Miriam Yaniv was escorted back to her unit, and was later seen going to Jonny’s apartment across the street.

Jonathan Yaniv is, at least for now, prohibited from entering Miriam Yaniv’s condo building. Residents of the building are in contact with police and discussing additional charges against JY, including assault.

We will update this as more info becomes available.

Update 1

We’ve received info from two sources that this was the third fire alarm pull in a week. The previous two are not confirmed to be by JY, but he has been causing problems there on a daily basis. The most recent alarm, besides last night’s, was on the 3rd floor right next to the elevator – a route JY had plausible and easy access too when department Miriams unit. Given the fact that JY has been at war with the building residents, I personally believe all three pulls were by JY but there is no evidence.

Update 2

MeowMix has learned from a reliable source that RCMP have attended JYs apartment, Miriams, or both at least once daily for last several days and that there may be more charges against JY in the works. Fingers crossed.

Another source has advised us that Miriam has become even more of a pest this weekend, roaming around the building and disturbing people in common areas. She’s been moving common area furniture and items around, telling witnesses that she’s an owner and can do what she likes. That’s true, at least until something is broken or another fight happens.