Jessica Yaniv Simpson Arrest Warrant Issued!

This just in! Jessica Yaniv Simpson is being charged with uttering threats and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The threats in question were made against Chris Elston some time ago. Details here. Three charges pending – two counts of mischief and one of uttering threats.

UPDATE JAN 1, 2022 1:00 PM PST: Jonny thinks he can intimidate police by threatening them with a Canadian human rights complaint. Grab your popcorn folks. This is going to be great fun. This likely won’t be heard at all, and if it is hard, it’s probably over a year away.

UPDATE JAN 1, 2021 11:30 AM PST: According to Chris Elston, Yaniv has been arrested. He was released shortly after with conditions.

Will update as info comes in.

Update 1 – 1:30 PM PST: No arrest has been made and may not be for a day or two. Hard to say exactly. As per Chris Elston on Twitter, Yaniv has conditions preventing him from going near Elston or attaining weapons, and the public mischief charges are related to false statements he made to RCMP related to Elston. I wonder if they could also be related to the bomb threat lies he makes.

Now if only they’d arrest the clown that sucker punched Elston earlier this week it would be a double win, but that’s a different story.

Update 2 – 3:00 PM PST: Information doc obtained. See below.