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Jessica Yaniv Simpson AriannaLeaks 12: Car Crashes, Entrapment, Omegle.

Getting closer to the end! This brings us up to the start of June and it’s more of the same. These leaks have been hilarious! They really show that Jessica Yaniv Simpson is a sex-obsessed incel. A desperate, attention-seeking loser. And a power-hungry, revenge-driven monster with small dick energy.

Moves string aside? Well, if you had any doubt he had a period fetish this should clear that up.

Cummed? That’s not even a word. I’ve only ever seen it used twice – here, and when JY told Jess Rumpel that he “cummed” all over his ceiling because of her.

Growing up trans? What a load of shit. JY was very happily and obviously a straight guy for all his life until he realized he could scam people behind a trans shield.

Aged like milk.

Is that a hint of self-awareness? Yes Jon, you’re trash.

Guys, he’s 99% sure he’s going to get his restraining order. LOL

HA! Dumbass.

Another example of the brave warrior princess human rights warrior calling someone an autistic piece of dog shit.

MeowMix will have an update on this next week. We’ve received the Ministry of Justice’s response to JY and are awaiting one more document and then we’ll tell you more. You can read about his lawsuit here.

Another car accident? Hmmm

With her cherry on top? Fucking virgin-obsessed incel creep.

Ya that sounds believable Jon.

Someone please forward this chat to Officer Gafka – JY’s plan to drag his name through the mud.

Why does he say he’s wet every fucking conversation?

Hit head on? Or backed into at a light? They’re different things Jon.

So he’s using ICBC and the BC Crime Victim Assistance programs to pay for a counselor…Leech.

HA! This guy haha omg. I’m dying. His first assumption was that Arianna was giving his bed up to him so he could have it and she would sleep elsewhere? I love that he’s never slept with anyone in their bed though. That’s how it should stay.

Trying to get the money from his lawyer. Remember what LangleyResident tweeted some time ago? His injury lawyer is known for fronting clients money based on expected payouts plus interest.

He’ll realistically get a few grand for his car crash settlement (let’s be honest…he WAS rear ended) but it’s also likely that he’s spent it all on lawyers and loans already.

Pretending to be honourable and obtaining a dog without using charitable resources – after being declined by every single charity.

Look at this racist piece of shit acting like he doesn’t know what the N word is.

You can see those threats here.

Suing Instagram. Right.

Remember JY creeping on minors on Omegle? But it’s ok because the minor invited him. Right? Sounds like something straight out of To Catch A Predator.

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