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Jessica Yaniv Simpson AriannaLeak 9: Six-Figure Jobs, Diabetes, and Bear Spray.

Friday special! Earlier this week we saw Jessica Yaniv Simpson confess, no, brag about declaring himself to be First Nations so he could skip the COVID vax line. Last night, WGKitty leaked some awful pictures to KiwiFarms. Things we can’t even post here.

Today? 70 more screenshots for you courtesy of Arianna. Enjoy guys, and don’t forget to leave a comment at the end telling us what your favourite part was.

This is when Jonny went to Foxy Box. Perhaps he’s wondering how Fox Boxy knew he was coming. And why he’s no longer allowed on any Foxy Box properties. Oops? It wouldn’t be because someone called them, would it?

Ready to eat? Not in a million years will anyone eat that. Can you guys imagine the horror?

This was when he bragged to everyone on Twitter that he got it waxed. He didn’t.

Do women everywhere talk about how wet their pussies get all the time? That’s normal right?

“Significantly diet”. Understatement of the decade.

Pussy nectar? PUSSY NECTAR?

Right around this time he added several cheesy certificates to his LinkedIn profile – meaningless online “courses”.

“Used and replaced”? Imagine being this colossal of a failure and thinking people want to use you for something.

A super high skill set? Jon people are being nice so you go away quietly. You’re a fucking moron that nobody wants to have on their property. The ones that hire you don’t see it at first. Everyone else does.

He uses the word significant a lot. I think he believes it makes him sound significantly smarter but it really just makes him sound significantly more stupid.

Oh look! Another claim of being sexually assaulted! This one was 15 years ago, so it predates NY Grill. I wonder who it was this time. Seriously, this poor guy has been sexually assaulted or raped more times than anyone else on Earth at this point.

After Arianna calls him out on all that stuff, THAT was his response?

JY abused the RCMP / BC Government support funds for victims of crime. He still claims he was a victim of Donald and needs the government to pay for security systems. Sadly, they did.

MeowMix posted a while back that Crown destroyed his tasers and returned his pepper spray.

So his argument is that police seized bear spray along with his tasers, and then in the end had to give bear spray back, and he won? He was charged with possession of illegal weapons, spent time on probation, is prohibited from owning weapons, had to go to court numerous times, didn’t get his tasers back, and this is a win? It’s bear spray! It’s legal! They had to give it back the same way they could seize nail clippers if you threatened to stab someone with them. This guy is a serious idiot. He’s got as many brain cells as Morgane Oger has hair follicles.

Remember guys, he doesn’t drink.

Pinot grigio is white. Not red Jon. And who brags about having 40+ bottles of wine?

So feminine.


Jon admitting he wants to get fucked by a strap on?

If that isn’t a face that everyone can agree needs a swift kick in the teeth then I don’t know what is. This guy really needs it…

Never worked for 6 figures, and never will.

So the reality is (after we did some digging) was using recruiting firms and they have a standard list of questions. Yaniv was interviewed by a recruiter and filed in the trash can.

There he goes talking about his manpussy again.

Ha I hope he goes broke and starves. This fat fuck went after countless women’s jobs and tried to hurt their careers and incomes. This guy doesn’t even deserve a sidewalk square on Hastings. He deserves to eat from dumpsters. PS…the company didn’t leak it. Arianna did. It only took a few minutes on Google to find “data security companies” that recently received “$11M in funding” that were hiring for a “marketing manager” role on Indeed. It brought up at the top of the list and they were contacted.

70-90 cents, at best. Jon, you have no useful skills. You’re unemployable, except maybe as a liquor sampler.

Read that line and laugh. He’s an all in one package? The links he shared above and below aren’t written by him either, as he later admits.

I read this link and I think he may have written it. It’s awful.

Ladies of MeowMix, how many times in your life have you decided, “You know what, my husband really needs a picture of blood while I’m on my period.”? This is totally normal, right?

He will kill her pussy with his tongue? What the fuuuuuuck.

Oh so he wants a threesome with 15-year old Megan and 23-year old Arianna. That’s nice, right? Totally not a pedophile.

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