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Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Arianna Superleak 4: Denton Dick, Rape, and Suicide Fantasies

Jessica Yaniv Simpson…what, oh what were you thinking?

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So his first date is this? Two hours of driving in urban traffic? That doesn’t count his initial trip to pick her up in New Westminster (22 kms), or his trip to take her home and back after (44 kms). Can you imagine a worse possible date than this?

“Marry me”. Jon, nobody will ever marry you. Funny that as soon as she asked to slow down he was like “I’ll talk to you later.

Wants to marry her. Loves her. Can’t spell her name? And why the hell is this clown getting COVID tests every few days? What a waste of resources! Every moment spent testing Yaniv is a moment that could have been spent testing a real human being with value instead.

Ariannavaginaville? Wet vegetation? Ladies, imagine a man referring to your vagina as “wet vegetation”.

Denton Dick was talking to Arianna on Twitter. It’s funny that JY calls him a stalker and a pedophile. Projecting much?

“Fainted into bed”. Fainted?

Just a random “ugh i wanna eat you out” thrown into the middle of a conversation about his “girlfriend” having COVID.

It’s interesting to see how Jon really couldn’t give a fuck that Arianna had COVID (she didn’t really) but Jon goes on and on about his pain.

Arianna: “I think I have COVID”.

Jon: “So can we make out then?”

“Content development and conversion rate optimization”. Another instance of JY blabbing and trying to sound smarter than he actually is.

“Went into a panic attack”. First mention of a service dog? Back in Feb? Attempted suicide every week for the past 3 years? That’s 156 attempts and he couldn’t get it right? Harming himself by not taking his meds? I can’t even with this guy. He whines about suicide like most people complain about weather.

“I just want you to love me”. WAAAAAAAAH. Nobody could ever love him.

Sexually assaulted? In his dreams. Not a criminal? But facing 6 criminal charges.

I don’t understand the constant lies or spin. I have this charge, this charge, and that file. Why not just be straight up about it all? This is so pointless.

“Only one charge, but 4 more have been laid.” Jon, that’s 5 charges.

He was raped? By two girls? In his wildest dreams, maybe. Notice how his story changed minutes later? It wasn’t “two girls”…it was “a girl”, but it happened twice. Honestly guys, this sick fuck does as much harm to women as Morgane Oger and his campaign to defund the VRR. Anyone that pretends to have been raped for attention should be locked up. Or other things.

He sent MeowMix to his girlfriend again? LOL!

I love that he’s suffering long term psychological damage from Sara. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

Waiting for an ambulance? What a waste of resources.

At least he admits he’s kinda dumb here.

Surgery precautions? He didn’t have any surgery after his GRS surgery in Jan.

All these applications failed.

Fainted LOL

What makes them hate you, Jon? Jon: “I don’t shut up”.

Boy is he ever right.

$10,000? LOL DUMBASS! Riding the coattails of his fame? Come on, Jon. You’re not famous. You’re notorious. You’re well known because of how much people hate you.

Wedding plans! LOL Fucking idiot.

Jon deserved Sara. And Arianna.

Not “I am handicapped” or “I feel handicapped”. Just “I look handicapped”.

And all of those applications have failed. Loser.

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