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Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Arianna Superleak 3: Baby Fetish, Silver Nitrate, Sucky Sucky.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson gets more and more creepy every day. This is how he behaves in the 2nd week of his whatever-this-relationship-is with Arianna. I got serious rape vibes from this so heads up.

Catch up on part 1 here. Part 2.

Of course he read that as “sex”. Incel.

He almost called in sick for court to meet a catfish! Lol what a fucking dumbass.

“Room in the back for some consensual sex”? Rapey much?

Imagine thinking that this is a story to tell a woman you’re trying to court?

It’s a very male thing to do to count things that way. It’s also bullshit. The reality is that those cops were there to keep the general peace. If I had to bet, any increased presence was to protect people from Jon, not to protect Jon. And a bodyguard? It’s a security guard, not a bodyguard. If someone runs up and punches Jon all the security guard is doing is watching and phoning 911.

He shared MeowMix content!

“bleeding quite a bit. can’t control. im horny. healing not going well. im scared. can you take my virginity. the issues outside my vagina are bleeding”.


I love knowing that he’s suffering through silver nitrate, and then going on about slapping his “vagina” again. Creep.

Admitting he watches mommy/daughter incest porn?

sucky suck? What the fuck?

Anyone still think this loser is a real trans person and not an AGP predator? He’s cut his own dick off to prove a point but still fantasizes about blowjobs.

Ah yes, the cliche trans “it’s all coming alive” line.

There’s no way in hell I’m posting that pic here. Also…the pic below with the ring finger, etc – it’s something about a proposal between two women. Keep in mind it’s only been 15 days of conversation at this time.

Marketing reports for Google ads? Data mining? Analytical reports? Experts want to weigh in on this?

Side note…experts weighed in on Yaniv’s claims about “technical waterfall audits” from the previous leak. “Technical waterfall audits aren’t a thing. There are technical audits, where you audit the architecture of a website the or tech being used for systems. You can audit via waterfall or agile methodologies for technical dev builds to understand which is best for projects. He’s likely trying to sound smart. But what he said is not a thing. A technical audit is when you audit a website from a coding and management and system point of view and make recommendations for improvements. Say like moving to a new host or making images smaller to increase site speed or going from Squarespace to WordPress to be able to expand features.

Technical audits can also be for businesses – like evaluating deficiencies or areas of improvement in say a process or system. It will cover the technical aspects of the project at the organization – for example choosing a new point of sale system for retail, or a new supplier or maybe a new quality control of a brewery line from hops to bottling beer. “

In other words, Yaniv doesn’t know shit about shit.

We are both girls here”. Creepy, rapey peice of shit.

Already mapped out his proposal? He’s healthy?

Innocent? He was being harassed? He has to talk back?

This guy gets more and more rapey every day.

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