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Jessica Yaniv Simpson April 2022 WrapUp

Although April traditionally starts out with April Fool’s Day on the first, it now looks like the whole month could be one long April Fool’s Day for both Jessica Yaniv Simpson and us as he courted his latest “girlfriend”, joined a new MLM, and racked up more legal losses.

April is tax time. We also wondered if Jonny had filed his personal and corporate tax returns. We’re curious how much fraud is in there. It would be a shame if someone reported him to CRA. You can read more about that on CRA’s website here.

Remember Jonny posting information online about the different CERB programs and deadlines for his thousands of bought followers and bots. While it wasn’t as egregious as him giving legal advice, (let’s face it Jonny is not smart enough to be a tax accountant), it did raise some interesting flags.

For example, why did he claim part of Miriam’s strata as a business expense on one of his fee waiver application in BC court? Was it to be eligible for the Canada Emergency Rent Relief Subsidy which was created to help corporations during the COVID pandemic? Stories are emerging of the large amount of fraud associated with that program now being investigated. Will the tax man be adding to the list of criminal charges that Jonny faces?

As Jonny is becoming more recognizable across the Lower Mainland, thanks in part to the Langley Community Watch Association warning posters, more Jonny stories are being shared, not only amongst the medical community, but also retail businesses and others that have had the misfortune to be in proximity to the Yaniv’s.

We receive tips every week telling us where Jonny is, how stupid he looks, and how creepy he is. Most are inconsequential, like him lurking on his balcony behind his potted plants, spying on those who use the Hawthorne entrance or walk by on the street. Looking for more phantom bombers? If your Strata won’t allow you to have a surveillance camera, spying behind plastic plants on your balcony will have to do, but you’re going to need a bigger plant to hide that head Jon.

But you really have to pity the poor grocery store clerks who try their best to not have anything to do with him when he rolls in. We’ve learned that his trips to the grocery story must include a victim somehow. Most egregiously, he’s always asking for help or special treatment because he is “disabled.” He ignores the looks of disgust and eye rolling from other customers who must witness how he creates awkward, embarrassing situations for the clerks in an attempt to have something to complain or sue about. Jonny, people know what you are up to. They see you and they talk to us. Take a shower.

It has been noticed, however that he no longer takes his pet dog grocery shopping. Perhaps because it is so obvious that Rexy is untrained and out of control? Remember the witness report from Walmart, where JY was accused of dragging Rexy across the floor by the leash while Rexy yelped? He does not want to be seen abusing his “service dog” in public (again).

Jessica Yaniv Simpson-Related Images April 1-7, 2022

On April 4, the Civil Resolution Tribunal posted its findings against Jonny in yet another one of his vexatious for-profit legal complaints. As usual, Jonny was suing Bayshore Healthcare Solutions for the $5,000 maximum. Once again, Jonny lost, but what is particularly interesting is, in essence, Jonny was called a liar by the Tribunal, which also stated that the evidence provided showed that he could not control his dog.

That statement alone tells the world that Rexy is not a service dog but just an untrained, out-of-control pet in a cheap, knock-off service dog vest. Notably, Rexy has recently been spotted with a “badge” on her vest that says, “Stress and Anxiety Response Service Dog”. It should read “Stressed and Anxious Non-Service Dog”.

Following an established behaviour pattern after this legal loss, Jonny updated his various social media bios to list the various legal and criminal justice courses he “studied at the University of British Columbia.” Problem is that he never studied at UBC. Nor do people list every course they may have taken at university. Doing that just raises all kinds of questions from anyone doing a background or social media check.

On April 7, MeowMix obtained a copy of the February 28, 2022 application that the BC Crown Counsel filed regarding the appointment of an attorney to cross examine Keenan Bexte during Jonny’s first criminal assault charge trial. It is a damning document as outlined here.

The following day, April 8, MeowMix published more legal documents it had obtained including the resignation letter of Jonny’s first lawyer, Mo Vayehgan. The most interesting document, however, is the arrest warrant filed on March 28, 2022. This is the warrant for the charges laid after Jonny assaulted a senior, pulled a fire alarm endangering the building’s elderly residents and then lied about it and the assault to the investigating RCMP constable.

Conditions of his bail say that he cannot go within 100 meters of Miriam’s Strata, but he has been spotted lurking and watching behind the fake plants he has on his balcony. He’s also been spotted at least once in the parking lot.

April 8 saw Jonny getting a Twitter reply to his February 15 complaint about Miriam’s strata from what initially appeared to be Disability Alliance BC advising him to contact their Disability Law Clinic. Jonny immediately jumped on it, but it now appears that that the account that reached out to Jonny may have been a fake account. There has been no further social media postings or reports on what happened or how it was resolved. One would think a tech guru and marketing wizard could have spotted that fake account a little quicker.

JY-Related Images April 9-11, 2022

April 13 was a pivotal day in Jonny’s online legal life. This was the day that the CRT posted its findings in the Kamal case. For those who are unaware of the details, for months Jonny had been harassing the building cleaner, Kamal, before setting his dog on her, which he filmed and posted. The janitorial company broke its contract with the Hawthorne because the strata could not guarantee a safe working environment for any of their employees.

The findings are absolutely damning, pointing out that Jonny admits to being a racist, could not provide any supporting witness statements from other strata residents, only asked for $5,000 because it is the maximum allowed without providing any supporting evidence of personal injury either in the form of medical records or veterinary records, and that Jonny was the aggressor, attacking Kamal. Fortunately for Jonny, Mastercare and Kamal choose not to follow up with an action against Jonny in the BC Provincial Court given how methodically the CRT vice chair dismantled Jonny’s lies and claims.

On April 14, for some very strange reason Jonny posted about sending messages to every computer in high school in response to a new Microsoft Admin feature. He certainly wasn’t the school’s IT admin. He wasn’t even the go-to geek every high school has. Was that the highlight of his high school life? Invading people’s personal spaces?

On April 18, in an attention seeking ploy on Facebook, Jonny asked for the best proposal locations in the Lower Mainland. Was he just trolling? Was he being catfished AGAIN? Did Miriam buy him a bride? Will he propose with the same cheap pink ring he bought to propose to the catfish Sara? The story soon becomes a cross between the Twilight Zone and the Gong Show.

The highlights…well, there are ghosts, drugs, getting booted by the company of his latest MLM attempt and the release of his contract with the Montreal Gender Reassignment Clinic. More details and analysis can be found at this link.

For many however, the absolute highlight of the story was Jonny showing the world what a social media marketing genius is he is with the ad for the eyelash company using the Wombo app. It was probably this product damaging ad as well as their HR team doing a background check that got Jonny quickly booted.

His marketing genius and lack of proper social and business etiquette was on display again at the end of the month when he randomly weighed in on a new Facebook business posting by criticizing the font of their advertising material. After the business checked his marketing credentials and history, he was promptly blocked.

JY-Related Images April 12-21, 2022

April 27 saw Jonny wish his pet a Happy One Year birthday by posting a picture of Rexy on Instagram. This started a discussion as to both the mental and physical health of the dog, as evidenced by the blank eye and dull coat. The change in the service dog in training knock off vest was also noted. It would now appear that Rexy is wearing not service dog paraphernalia but emotional support animal gear, although the word service dog is still showing on the badge – which you can order online for a few dollars.

Has Jonny been charged by the BC Government with fraud under the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act? We do know from tips that the government was responding to the complaints and had launched an investigation. So far, there have been no charges appearing on the CSO, so we are assuming he was warned rather than charged and fined. Reports from multiple sources suggest the government is collecting information and witness statements from several sources.

Also on the 27th, while Jonny was at his computer, he decided to write another disparaging Facebook review. This time it was about Miriam’s Strata management company, Bayside Property Services. He only writes reviews that are this slanderous and full of typos, like when he has lost in court or been told NO about something. We are not sure what the issue was this time but considering he mentions the “BC HUNAN Rights Code” and a now closed psychiatric facility we must assume the denial really touched a nerve.

April ended quietly. May will be getting off to a rousing start with Jonny appealing his bail conditions for the fire alarm incident and assault at Miriam’s strata on May 2. May will be full of legal drama. Maybe justice will finally be served in Langley.

JY-Related Images April 22-30, 2022

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