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Jessica Yaniv Simpson April 2021 Wrap Up

April, the month when gardeners clear out the deadwood and get ready for the new growing season. While Jessica Yaniv Simpson does not garden, he was certainly busy clearing out the TrustedNerd and JYKnowsIt deadwood and seeding various online platforms and employment sites with his new company, The JS Simpson Group. We hear things are not going well in his garden.

This month, MeowMix had two articles by guest contributors – “Jessica Yaniv Still Doesn’t Get No Means No” published on April 10 and “The Moral Justification for MeowMix on April 29. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

April started with the MeowMix team having some April Fool’s Day fun with the idea that Jonny would be offered a book deal to publish the story of life. The hardest part of the satire was deciding what not to include. He just keeps providing so much material, we were overwhelmed with choice.

Yaniv’s April activities started with being granted indigent status by the court on April 1 so that he could file more vexatious lawsuits without having to pay the filing fees. From his affidavit, we learned that on top of the various COVID payments, Yaniv is on welfare to the tune of an additional $1235.42 a month. Combined with money received from government CERB relief funds and his claimed income from his business and you have to wonder how indigent he really is. Has he been collecting COVID benefits alongside disability benefits? Is he declaring all his income?

Once freed of having to pay filing fees, he promptly refiled his alleged defamation and harassment lawsuit against Rebel Media. Jonny tried to file the original lawsuit in September 2020 but dropped it when his application to have the fees waived was denied. It appears that if he doesn’t get the filing fees waived, he doesn’t file any new or amend any of his vexatious lawsuits, something one would have expected the court administrators to have figured out by now.

He also spent the first couple of days of April virtue tweeting about anti COVID maskers and small businesses that were defying public health orders. Yaniv named several businesses for the authorities to investigate. What they all had in common was that they were places where Donald F Smith, a well-known anti-masker and citizen journalist was covering for his YouTube channel. Yaniv does not care about the anti-maskers. He just wants to get Smith into trouble with the authorities and thought he could do it hiding in his condo snitching from the safety of his keyboard. Jonboy, you might want to learn the following mantra for your expected stay in the BC prison system “Snitches Get Stitches”.

It was then time for Yaniv’s monthly, “I have allergies” tweets to various food producers and providers, except this time, he proved that in addition to being desperate for attention, he cannot understand a juice box label. He actually tweeted Walmart to ask if their apple juice contained shellfish. Interestingly, that tweet had the highest reply rate of any of his tweets (30) in at least a year. All of them were negative with the consensus being, Read the damn label and if it does, don’t drink it DUMBASS.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 1-5

On April 5, Yaniv was spotted the local Boston Pizza having a $60 lunch not including the tip (despite being indigent on welfare) without his security guard or his mother. His lunch of onion soup, large pizza, and a slice of cake raises questions about his claims of being diabetic, but it certainly explains his weight as does his refusal to walk less than a block from his condo to the restaurant. Yup, he drove and then parked in the handicapped stall. Of course, he complained to Boston Pizza about the pictures that were taken and how he doesn’t feel safe there anymore.

Three points to consider Jonboy. One, it is not against the law to take pictures outside in a public place unlike what you do when you take pictures of underaged girls in bathrooms. Two, the staff almost did Happy Dances to hear that you will not be coming back. As well as being a very poor (as in nonexistent tipper), you are a rude and abusive customer. Walnut Grove parents, who take their children to the Boston Pizza, will no longer feel that they will have to accompany their children to its washrooms to keep them safe, if you are at the restaurant.

Smarting from the derision of the day before, Yaniv then decided to go after another waxing salon, Foxy Box in Port Coquitlam on April 7. He tried the old posting bad reviews on social media, claiming that it was not trans friendly as well as complaining to the franchise’s head office. Except, this time it did not work. The community rallied around the waxing salon eventually forcing him to delete the negative review but only after he had angrily responded to some of the supportive comments.

What is interesting about this episode is that his complaint included his usual key phrases which showed he was preparing for another legal case or human rights complaint. It also triggered the local association that produced the first Jessica Yaniv Simpson warning poster to develop a business specific one to warn community business about him. It is, of course, available for download here.

Also on April 7, MeowMix was tipped off that Yaniv had apparently received his first COVID vaccine. Based on the existing vaccine eligibility on that date, Yaniv was could have been eligible to receive the vaccine by claiming that he was a diabetic on insulin, but it would not have been as quickly as Mr. Instant Gratification wanted. Our source says he claimed to be First Nations which put him at the front of the line. There was no requirement to prove proof ancestry. Yaniv has gone from an overweight white man to a fat alleged transwoman to now an obese alleged First Nations Transwoman.

Note to our readers: This explosive tip caused much internal discussion within the editorial team as it could not be proven without exposing our source. This source has never provided us with false information. Their last tip for example, was Yaniv’s faux attention seeking suicide attempt which was then verified by another patient in the ER. It seems that the authorities had no desire to follow up on the information about Yaniv’s jumping the queue which is not surprising given Yaniv’s litigiousness as well as the radioactive politically correct combination of being trans and First Nations.

April 8 caused a great deal of amusement amongst the MeowMix team after reading Johnny’s strata response to his lawsuit and realizing that they had retained the same legal firm as the Township of Langley. Looks like the only one who may be making money off Yaniv’s lawsuits will be a local legal firm and not Jonny. Can you imagine going to law school and becoming part of a respected practice only to become the go to guy who must deal with the local vexatious litigant loser.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 6-8

The following day, reports of the business warning posters from the Langley Community Watch Association being sighted began to filter in. In response, Jonny took to Twitter to criticize the design of the commemorative crest for the 59th Langley Walk and demanded to know who oversaw the marketing.

Really Jonny? You expect someone you are suing and whose employees you have a history of harassing to provide you with the name of the employee or their marketing agency so that you can easily continue that harassment. If you are really that interested, don’t be so lazy, do your own research. It is all public information IF you know how to conduct online searches.

We understand from many design and marketing professionals that the crest is an excellent example of original, promotional design.

April 10 saw Jonboy being a keyboard warrior again, virtue tweeting about a rally opposing Gender Ideology in schools in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Rather than attending and being counted like real members of the local LBGT community who counter protested, he hid in his condo. Afraid of being recognized and asked to publicly leave by the community Jonny?

A Kickstarter campaign for a manicure invention caught Yaniv’s attention on April 12. It looks like his attempt to get the inventor’s attention either to get a free sample “to test” or to get a marketing contract, failed. We can only hope that all the negative responses to his various social media posts did not hurt the fundraising campaign.

April 12 also saw Yaniv file amendments to his initial lawsuit against the Township of Langley to include several more defendants, including branches of the BC and federal government. He must be getting desperate and hopes that by adding more levels of government someone will pay him to go away. But here’s the thing, Jonny, senior levels of government have legions of lawyers to look after pissant shakedowns such as yours.

Plus, if you had been paying attention when studying for your law degree, you would have noticed a couple of paragraphs about the Crown i.e., the federal government must give you leave to sue it.

MeowMix has learned that Jonny, growing impatient with BC’s court system to give him money, has started looking for a job. Not any job but senior management ones with titles like marketing director or Chief SEO as befitting someone who had their own companies even if they were run into the ground. He has been applying mainly at companies so desperate for a diversity hire, that he is able to at least get an initial interview.

But alas, for Yaniv, even before HR starts doing background checks, etc. he will not make it past the initial interview. A HR friend of MeowMix explained that any job offers these days for senior or executive positions is contingent on the absence of criminal record and certain civil judgements, one of them being suing previous employers, etc. The same friend also confirmed that Yaniv’s reputation is well known in the HR community.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 9-12

The 15th was a busy day for Yaniv. Not only was he spreading rumours about a potential COVID lockdown, but his tweets (now deleted) were so misleading that even a local TV reporter Keith Baldrey, without naming him specifically, commented on his spreading misinformation.

In the evening, his Strata had its annual general meeting via Zoom, while details of his lawsuit may not have been discussed, it should come as no surprise to Jonny why his fellow owners continue avoid having anything to do with him. As he has complained in the past, they will not even say hello when they see him. The COVID restrictions about the number of people in an elevator must have been a relief to them so that they can avoid sharing a small, poorly ventilated elevator with him without being accused of transphobia.

Also on the 15th, Jonny did what he usually does when he starts losing an argument on Twitter and started personally attacking people. This time he concentrated on their appearance which led to comments about the relationship between his profile picture and reality. Really, Jonny you should have seen that coming but it was your angry response, “It’s called photoshop and touching up a photo” which is now approaching meme status and we are sure will provide the basis for future job interview questions. “At point does using Photoshop move from touching up a photo to fraud?”

Feeling a bit peckish the following day, Yaniv ordered a burger from Triple O’s and then promptly took to Twitter to complain about its quality. While Triple O’s asked to be DM’ed so that they could follow up with him, the rest of Twitter also immediately contacted Triple O’s providing proof of previous food delivery scams and complaints, warning Triple O’s to be very careful in dealing with Langley’s vexatious litigant.

We suspect that Yaniv was not satisfied with Triple O’s response Think of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi saying “no free food or reimbursement for you” so he posted the picture he had previously tweeted on his @trustednerd Instagram account to try to vindictively harm the local Triple O’s reputation. As usual he immediately disabled the comments but that did not stop others from defending the local business on other social media platforms.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 13-19

The night of April 19 was an exciting night for Yaniv. There was a fire not too far his condo. He took to social media with a newsworthy photo. The problem was that it was not his to post without credit or attribution. Just another example of his intellectual theft. Thanks to the one of our readers who tracked down the original photo which had been taken by a Langley City Firefighter and posted on their social media.

Exposed, Yaniv eventually put the word credit in his description. For someone who is a self-proclaimed social media marketing expert, he seems to know nothing about the proper form for graphic attribution. Is his professional knowledge base that out of date? If he had done this for a client, he would have damaged the client’s reputation despite probably having to issue an apology.

The following day, saw that Yaniv had inserted himself into the Langley fired story. Never let it be said that Yaniv would ever let an opportunity to insert himself into a story with all the potential for attention as well as a major con go by. He started by offering legal advice (tweets since deleted but archived), answering questions and contacting local hotels as if he were authorized by the Town of Langley. Fortunately, he was called out before he could do real damage as one of his first pieces of advice was to sue the Township. We are sure his own lawsuit did not influence his advice in any way.

When Twitter began posting about how illegal it was for a non-lawyer to offer legal advice and how to launch a complaint, he quickly deleted those tweets but as one observer pointed out, him claiming to be a “legal advocate” on his various SM bios, is also illegal in many jurisdictions. Members of the Trans community also began posting that day asking Yaniv to stop because of the damage he was doing to the community. Yaniv responded as he usually does with personal insults – all based on appearance.

But here is the thing Jonny, if you are unable to respond to respond to criticism or disagreement as an adult, how do you expect to get hired for any executive or management job? One scenario, the team has LOL over was the thought of you as a team leader (which you claim to be in your resume) in a boardroom meeting and one of your team disagreeing with you. Rather than discussing it, coming to a compromise, and moving forward, your response is right out of the schoolyard bully handbook “You have to do what I say because you are ugly and have boogers and I am a global personality. If you don’t, I will fire you and make sure you get pizza deliveries every night for the rest of your life.”

April 20 also saw his criminal charges related to the Chris Elston case adjourned to May 18 to confirm a trial date because Yaniv’s lawyer once again did not know the name of the Crown. This time it sounded like the judge was getting annoyed at the lawyer’s delaying tactics.

April 21 saw Yaniv crowing on social media that he had won his case before the Supreme Court of Canada. Problem is his case was not heard by the SCC. It has not even been heard yet by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal where he initially filed it. The screenshot he posted appears to be pages 12 and 13 of a jurisdictional decision from another case. We all know how Yaniv cuts and pastes things that he likes or supports him whether they are relevant or not. When challenged to provide the entire document, he went radio silent.

But it also looks like he was so caught up in his legal research and/or the creation of his new company that he overlooked a court appearance for the Keenan Bexte assault charges AND SO DID HIS LAWYER. Does he still have a lawyer for these charges? The Crown and the court were so impressed with the disrespect that an application for an arrest warrant was filed and the Court scheduled a hearing for May 6.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 20-25

Yaniv’s new company made its LinkedIn appearance sometime during the latter part of April. It was discovered by a MeowMix supporter and member of LinkedIn who sent us the link for the JS Simpson Group. The creation of this new company confirms what many have suspected that his two previous companies, TrustedNerd and JYKnowsIt have been run into the ground by his incompetence and his toxic reputation.

The new company’s LinkedIn profile is basically just a bad word vomit resume filled with every little thing Yaniv can think from high school on and jargon, hardly a document to encourage a hire. But what it might do is get him an initial interview. Our HR friend told us that many professional employment sites such as LinkedIn are scanned looking for key words and phrases. Most postings in the geographical area that have them will get an initial contact/screening interview.

When asked about Yaniv, they said that he was well known in the HR community and no way would he ever get past the initial screening interview for any executive or managerial position based on his reputation, criminal record, lack of experience and current knowledge base. They said that as HR professionals they have a duty to protect their companies’ brand and business reputation. Hiring someone that the local community had created warning posters for both residents and local businesses (Business poster was updated to include the JS Simpson Group) would not do that.

Yaniv finished the month by calling people misogynistic names and threatening to sue anyone who brought MeowMix merchandise as well as posting a fake hate message that she, herself created on Instagram for attention and sympathy. The problem with the message was that it was so badly done by the self-styled tech expert that a real tech expert contacted us to explain why it was a fake. They were insulted that it was done so badly and that people might believe it. This is not the first time that Yaniv has been accused of creating fake material and posting it online. Fortunately, it was caught before he could complain to the Langley RCMP to get his nemesis arrested.

MeowMix understands that Kari Simpson and Donald Smith are in the process of filing for costs against Yaniv as instructed by the Court and will report on the amount and more when the information becomes available.

April finally came to an end with one big question Did Yaniv pay his taxes on time. He owes a whack of money from receiving CERB and we are sure the Canadian Revenue Agency was interested in learning that he claimed to have been earning “high three figures a day” in various legal proceedings.

Let’s see what May brings!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Gallery – April 26-30

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