Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Company Court Update; Miriam’s Peace Bond

A long overdue update on the court antics of Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Miriam Yaniv, Ilana Altmann.

Criminal and Traffic

  • JY traffic file – fail to obey traffic signal – court in PoCo on May 6, 2022.
  • JY’s new TBD charges related to recent incident at strata – we suspect JY has filed an application to have release conditions relaxed. No hearing scheduled, no docs available.
  • AssaultBexte – hearing scheduled Mar 7 to set new trial date.
  • Limited Access/Access Restricted Files – last week there were 8 of these private prosecution files under JY. As of Mar 7, 2022 there are 9. If I had to guess, JY has tried to file private charges against someone at Miriam’s strata. Read about private charges here. There are 4 additional Limited Access files under Jessica Yaniv. All private charges to date have been dismissed, the exception being the most recent one.
  • Elston-related charges – trial scheduled June 29/30, 2022.
  • Weapons – conditionally discharged, no record. Weapons prohibition remains in effect.

Miriam and Ilana both received peace bonds for their various charges. Ilana’s details were posted here and Miriam’s are are below. As expected, they are identical to Ilana’s.

jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv
20220304 - Miriam Yaniv Recognizance After Allegation Peace Bond
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Civil Resolution Tribunal

The nature of the CRT is that cases are kept private until a decision is made. There may be dozens of CRT files in a pending state that we don’t know about. Historically speaking, there are the following:

  • Expedia – JY was awarded $5,000 default judgment when Expedia’s lawyer went on vacation.
  • Best Buy – JY lost.
  • PHSA – JY lost.

We believe there was a case against Miriam’s strata related to the service dog but a decision has not been published and our understanding is JY withdrew like he always does – because he’s a pussy bully, not a victim.

Human Rights Tribunal

Similar to CRT, cases are not posted until decided. Other than a claimed case against a Judge, there are no known files at this time. We’ve heard from a good source that there are several more HRT claims filed though, and (contrary to HRT procedures), JY has been waving them in “defendants” faces before they’ve even been accepted by the tribunal – a weak intimidation tactic.

That’s worth expanding on. The defendant is not supposed to know about it until the tribunal accepts the complaint. What JY is doing is entirely contrary to this. He’s filing the complaint, then printing it and waving it in people’s faces to scare them. The complaints don’t even make it to a hearing. We know this because he’s filed countless complaints over the years and nothing has turned up on the HRT decision list since the waxing cases.

JY isn’t filing human rights complaints. He’s weaponized the human rights tribunal for personal gain. Thankfully, people are watching and talking.

Civil (Small Claims, BC Supreme)

JY vs VCHA…ongoing. Settlement conference scheduled for April 6, 2022. Details here.

JY vs Rebel Media...Rebel has filed to reset their dismissal application for March 22, 2022, indicating to me that JY didn’t follow through with the requirement to file documents by Feb 14, 2022 and is not available for cross examination, and unable to meet the orders off the Judge. We will see what comes of this.

JY vs Amy Hamm…ongoing, delayed in supreme court.


There have been other cases filed, such as a Ontario Human Rights case against Galaxy Pageant (because Chunk think’s he’s a beauty queen), and affidavits filed in cases JY isn’t even tied to, but we don’t have any docs.

The crazy part of the above is that this is the shortest JY’s case load has been in recent memory. Imagine living a life this shitty…

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