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Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Co. Legal Update

Catch up on the latest legal news from Jessica Yaniv Simpson, plus Miriam Yaniv and Aunty Ilana Altmann. I’m including all known cases here because it’s good to see it all in one place.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

JY vs ToL – Civil – Suspected that the TOL told Yaniv to piss off at the settlement conference. Yaniv is threatening a new lawsuit. Next hearing TBD. MeowMix covered this last week.
JY vs Choo’s – Civil – Withdrawn.
JY vs Rebel News – BC Supreme – No updates since September 2020. Yaniv was ordered to pay court fees and stopped pursuing it.
JY vs Fraser Health/PHSA – Civil – Withdrawn.
JY vs DFS – Civil – JY skipped the hearing last week and is under court order to decide whether or not he will produce documents to compel the court to hear his case. If JY chooses to, he will be given time to produce documents that state why he believes the court has jurisdiction to hear the case, which it has previously said it does not. If JY chooses not to or skips the hearing, DFS will be free to apply to dismiss with costs.
JY vs Keean Bexte/David Menzies – Civil – No updates since Sept 14, 2020. Bexte/Menzies lawyer last rejected Yaniv’s claims and they are awaiting a reply from Yaniv.
JY vs Kari Simpson – Civil – Withdrawn.
JY vs Amy Hamm – BC Supreme – Initiated by Hamm, no updates since Aug 2020.
JY vs Physiotherapists – Civil – Settled for a measly $2500.
JY vs Aestheticians – Civil – Withdrawn.
JY Historical Cases (three here) – Civil – Cases against Andrew Barron, Miriam’s Strata, and Phoenix Muranetz and Co have all been dismissed or withdrawn.
JY vs RCMP – Suspected – Canadian Human Rights Commission – Under review.
JY vs Aestheticians – BCHRT – JY ordered to pay $6,000.
JY vs Bill Whatcott – BCHRT – Withdrawn.
JY vs Galaxy Pageants – Ontario Human Rights Commission – Under review.
JY Criminal – Weapons Possession – Two charges, one dropped, one guilty plea. Yaniv received probation. Last fall he applied to remove some conditions it was granted. Last month he applied to remove more and it was not granted. Yaniv remains on probation and is prohibited from owning a firearm.
JY Criminal – Assault – Hearing today, March 8, 2021 to set a date for trial. Rescheduled for March 30, 2021.
JY Criminal – Uttering Threats, Mischief (2 counts) – Hearing to set a date scheduled for March 16, 2021.
JY Peace Bond/Restraining Order Requests – Under Review. According to our legal friends, the items below (which appear differently than private prosecutions) are most likely JY’s applications for restraining orders against various people. They need to be reviewed for merit by a Judge. To be clear, these could just be more private prosecutions too. We don’t know for sure.
Update: Mar 19, 2021: These no longer appear under his name, but five new “Limited Access” files do. Maybe these are private prosecutions? Or they could still be restraining order applications.
JY Private Prosecutions – two under Jessica Simpson, 16 under Jessica Yaniv. None have been approved by Crown or a Judge.

Total: 11 civil cases, six criminal charges, at least two BC Supreme cases, 16-20 BCHRT complaints, at least one Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint, one Ontario Human Rights Complaint, 18 private prosecutions, five restraining order applications, and a disability faker in a pear tree. If you’re counting, that’s 66 separate legal ventures that we know of.

Miriam Yaniv

Because of course this crazy old bat has her own list…

MY Private Prosecutions – five private prosecutions. One was added in the last few days (likely March 5, 2021).
Miriam vs Strata – Civil – Last updated Feb 19, 2021. Likely withdrawn.
MY Criminal – There is video showing Miriam Yaniv being arrested, and MeowMix received an anonymous tip stating there are charges coming. As of today, March 8, 2021, there are no charges.

Total: Five private prosecutions, one civil, and suspected criminal charges coming.

Ilana Altmann

IA Private Prosecutions – One added, most likely on March 5, 2021.
IA vs Township of Langley – Civil – Most likely filed by JY. The handwriting is extremely close to JY’s handwriting and the last name is misspelled (it says Altman, not Altmann, which is the correct spelling).
IA Criminal – There is video showing Ilana Altman being escorted from Miriam’s condo, and MeowMix received an anonymous tip stating there are charges coming. As of today, March 8, 2021, there are no charges.

Total: One private prosecution, one civil, and suspected criminal charges coming.

That’s 74 different confirmed files for the three stooges alone. None of the above includes Yaniv’s various threats (Twitter, NY Fries, etc).